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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Paris Day One



The scene outside the door that leads to the door that leads to garden area that leads to a door that that leads to a door that leads to the second garden area where our little cottage is located in the heart of Paris. When we are there we hear no street noise, not even Linda. Oops, I mean that not Linda hears and street noise. Quick Thinking Bob.


Here is the photo everyone takes while in Paris. Beautiful woman in foreground, Eiffel Tower in background.


A little lost are we?


Another of those, I never know what is going to show up on Linda’s camera photos. To my way of thinking it just goes to prove why man will never understand woman, I’m not sure they even understand themselves.


Lunch, a small  pizza that supposed to be bufalo cheese but had just a few thin slices on top of some other greasy cheese and a glass of not very good wine. Plus it cost more than most of the meals we had in Germany. It was a good reminder that it is meals like this that give us a better appreciation of the many great meals we do enjoy during our travels.


I lead they follow, though in Paris my only duties are to assist as needed with the public transportation system. Navigating the Paris Metro system the past two days I have to believe there were more than a few times they wondered if I really knew where I was going. The answer being, of course I didn’t, but I am very good at reading signs and as long as one knows which Metro line one wants, either by color or number, and what the end station is in the direction one wants to go, navigating the Metro is easy.


Isn’t it interesting how the French copy we Americans. Take this Metro station for example. Here the name of the station is an abbreviation of the process we use to kill the bad things in milk, plus they have picked up on the milk theme even in the use of the white tiles on the walls. The amerikanization of the world is everywhere. Obliviously Brilliant Bob.


Sheepish grin photo. We walked over to the store across the street to purchase the evening’s bottle of wine and get a chuck of cheese. Searching the different cheeses on the shelf I turned to ask Linda a question and discovered there was no Linda there. Searching the aisles I finally found her, with dish washing soap and laundry detergent in hand. When I asked her what she was doing as I thought we were buying cheese, she could only laugh. It was just another reminder of why I am so lucky to have her in my Life.


Another great evening meal sitting outside our little cottage. Thinking back, other than the meals we have been provided while on tour, we have never eaten an evening meal in a restaurant in Paris. Or for lunch either for that matter, today excepted.


View from our bedroom. Photo by Linda.


Night view of our little slice of Paris. This is as near perfect a place to stay while in Paris as there is.

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