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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lazy Time, Fiji Time





A Fiji sunrise photo sort of. The sun comes up on the other side of the island, and when I was there earlier I didn’t have my camera, so this will have to do. Lazy Bob.




I’ve been remiss at both describing Navini and posting photos of what it look like. The best thing about it is awesome looking women that are here, and that starts at breakfast and continues throughout the day.




This is Linda’s favorite from breakfast fruit bowl, a slice of perfectly ripe, fresh pineapple. The pineapples are smaller than ones in the states, with a tiny core and great pineapple taste without being overly sweet. Happy Linda.




Linda really like the rake sticking out of the sand in front of our bure. From her comments I knew what I needed to do. Yes Dear Bob.




Just another of the things that make Fiji special.




Linda has standards when it comes to beachcombing, as all shells are required to be certain size or smaller. The one in her hand is for demonstration purposes only because if she was pick up one of the ones she likes it would be too small to show in the photo.




Fresh fruit topped with homemade ice cream. Have I said that Linda really loves the desserts on Navini.




Facebook fix time for Linda.




There were strong winds all day today, so bad that even these kayakers remained within just a few feet of the shore. For us it was, sit outside where the wind blowing off the water was very pleasant, and catch up on our reading. It made for a downright lazy, yet wonderful day.




It’s not a flower, it’s a napkin folded into the shape of a flower. There are so many little things like this on Navini, and it is easy to see why out of the 17 people that are guests on the island, 12 of them have been here before, some over a dozen times. We don’t know when, but we will also be coming back again, it’s just that kind of place.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just another Normal Fiji Day





Don’t think everyday in Fiji is the same, eat, read, snorkel and sleep. Take today for example when we were faced with which way do you turn the sink faucet handle to get hotter water. Once we got it figured out, we went to breakfast, read, then went snorkeling. Just so you know, here there is no such thing as cold water from the faucet, just warm, warmer and hot. Obviously our Fiji isn’t for everyone, then there are the big resorts for those that demand cold water, also love mobs of people.




The three wonderful ladies, Joka, Ana and Esta who serve our meals always tease me about the cup of green tea I have with breakfast. This morning I changed it to lemon tea. When Ana brought my tea she told me that real Fiji lemon tea is different than what they serve here. Instead of tea and lemon in a bag, they simply steep the leaves of the lemon tree, something we will have to try when we are at our daughter’s house over Christmas.




If you’ve ever wondered where and how the blog gets posted, now you know.




The reason there are no rodents in the waters around Navini. I even knew what it was when I took it and I was still frightened.




Why we like to go snorkeling.




Another of those blue sea something or others. And yes, that is Linda’s finger just inches away from it.




We actually see dozens and dozens of fish, it is just that Linda’s husband carries the camera and usually forgets to take photos of the fish.












And lots of out of focus, blurry photos. Stutter Shutter Bob.




And extremely rarely I actually take a somewhat decent photo. I just tell Linda that we need to take a few more trips like this and I’ll soon be taking better photos. To which she just smiles. I take that means yes.




Back to food. I went through my banana cake like Sherman through Georgia, scraping the plate clean.




When I started gazing lustfully at Linda’s this is what she did. I think she would actually let me starve to death.




I thought I’d be smart and show Linda that she could put her fins on and still walk. She was definitely convinced, convinced that only an idiot would try to walk down to the beach wearing fins. I didn’t agree with her, preferring to use the term ignorant person rather than idiot. To which she retorted, “Well, in your case they both mean the same thing.” Perceptive Linda.




One of the many things that makes Navini so special, community meals where newly made friends get together. Navini, we will miss you, as well as Sue, Eric, Paula, Peter, Sylvanna and Anthony from whom we’ve learned of myriad other wonderful places to travel,



Not exactly one of those magnificent Texas sunsets, but Fiji has a lot of other things going for it,  that Texas doesn't.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Off to a Native Fiji Village Today




Linda, the Fiji Islands girl enjoying her shells. There is just better way to start the day than to rearrange your shells. I will not be the only one counting the days until we return again to the lands of the south pacific. So much to see, so many trips to take.




Interesting how how paradise was here all along, yet we were always focused on somewhere else.




It was definitely more than two steps in the water and then onto land with this mornings wet landing.  That is the native Fiji village we were going to visit in the distance.




Sulus lifted, off we go.




It’s a long way to dry land.




You’ve come a long ways, baby.




The schoolyard in the village. Each village has its own dialect and in school the kids learn both standard Fijian and English so they are fluent in three different languages.




Definitely not the view we have from our bure on Navini, but this is the real Fiji. A place where life is simple and time is of little importance.




The women of the village display various trinkets and wares in booths along the water front where visitors can shop.




Gee Linda, that brand new necklace matches the earrings you bought in Australia. I knew she was going to buy something, simply because everything so inexpensive there was no way she wasn’t going to buy something. That necklace would have been about the equivalent of $50 US dollars in Australia. Here it was the equivalent of $6 US dollars and she bought it off the person who made it.




Beginning the long walk back out to the boat.




Yes, that is a shark Linda is holding up. Now you know why when she asks me to do something, when finished I always ask her if I did it good enough and does she want me to do more.




Back home. Can you see why we are already talking about coming back again next year?




All the breads, rolls, cakes, pies and other baked goods are made in the kitchen, just as is everything else they serve. How lucky that no Sysco trucks deliver to Navini, otherwise we could be eating the standard US restaurant crap that passes for food. Or should I say, American restaurant food made to American, make it as cheap as possible, tastes. It’s been a while since I had even a tiny little rant, so I won’t even ask for for forgiveness. Chubby Bob.




Definitely decadent. Noon and evening we are faced with something like this. Then a few moments later we are faced with an empty dish What can I say, we love the desserts here. P.S. that sure ain’t your standard American chocolate sauce on top of that homemade ice cream.




When you finish with the meal, Joka is soon handing you the menu for the next meal where you get to agonize over what to have. I once said  “There’s no way I can decide, so I’ll have one of each. ” Joka just smiled and shook her head, no. Since we’ve been here, I’ve had, fish, chicken, beef and vegetarian dishes and everyone of them has been awesome. And Linda says the same thing. Just call us fat but happy Bob and Linda. Oops, it has been suggested that any reference to “fat” should only be a reflection of my appearance and not my slim, lovely, almost ex-wife. Fat and humble Bob.




We moved into anther bure this afternoon, and Linda was quick to try out the hammock. As I was taking this photo I was informed that in no way should I be taking a video (remainder of what she said deleted). I believe I’m allowed to say she didn’t fall out of it. Singed Ear Bob.




Life, lived gently.



Italian Linda.




Grinding pepper is hard to do.




Listening Linda.




Fat Bob’s wife eating delicately. Life is soooo goood. Note: all photos posted above have been passed by the family photo censorette.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Enjoying Fiji Day





This is our last day with this view. When we arrived on Navini, instead of placing us in the bure we had rented, they upgraded us to this one, which is the nicest one on the island. Tomorrow we will be moving into the bure we had orginally rented for the remainder of our stay. It is slightly smaller, but it is in the perfect location to easily snorkel the reef. Regarding the move, Linda the snorkel lady, remarked, “We can move our things and then go snorkeling.” Have I created a snorkel monster? Happy Bob.




How the well dressed Navini babe dresses during the day. Swimming suit and no shoes. It’s a tough life but she is up to it.




Linda, the beachcomber.




A water eye view of our little portion of the island.




Blue fish.




Blue starfish.




Blue sea something or other.




Sea creature.




Tired, but happy snorkel queen.




Lunchtime. Everyone wears footwear to lunch. The reason, the sun makes the sand too hot to walk on barefooted. Nineteen pairs, everyone is here.




When I saw this photo I couldn’t remember taking it, basically because I didn’t. Linda always says my camera takes better photos than hers. I personally think it is because I take photos of her with my camera and she takes photos of me with hers, meaning it is the subject matter that makes for the good photo, not the camera or the photographer. This Linda selfie proves it. As an aside, the flower is worn on the right side if you are married, on the left if you are single. Lovely Linda.




All dressed up to go to dinner. It’s a tough Life here on Navini, but we’re up to the challenge. As far as that what’s under the sulu question, the answer may never be known as Linda was a little fuzzy as to what to say and I decided to just leave it hanging. Baaad Bob.