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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lazy Time, Fiji Time





A Fiji sunrise photo sort of. The sun comes up on the other side of the island, and when I was there earlier I didn’t have my camera, so this will have to do. Lazy Bob.




I’ve been remiss at both describing Navini and posting photos of what it look like. The best thing about it is awesome looking women that are here, and that starts at breakfast and continues throughout the day.




This is Linda’s favorite from breakfast fruit bowl, a slice of perfectly ripe, fresh pineapple. The pineapples are smaller than ones in the states, with a tiny core and great pineapple taste without being overly sweet. Happy Linda.




Linda really like the rake sticking out of the sand in front of our bure. From her comments I knew what I needed to do. Yes Dear Bob.




Just another of the things that make Fiji special.




Linda has standards when it comes to beachcombing, as all shells are required to be certain size or smaller. The one in her hand is for demonstration purposes only because if she was pick up one of the ones she likes it would be too small to show in the photo.




Fresh fruit topped with homemade ice cream. Have I said that Linda really loves the desserts on Navini.




Facebook fix time for Linda.




There were strong winds all day today, so bad that even these kayakers remained within just a few feet of the shore. For us it was, sit outside where the wind blowing off the water was very pleasant, and catch up on our reading. It made for a downright lazy, yet wonderful day.




It’s not a flower, it’s a napkin folded into the shape of a flower. There are so many little things like this on Navini, and it is easy to see why out of the 17 people that are guests on the island, 12 of them have been here before, some over a dozen times. We don’t know when, but we will also be coming back again, it’s just that kind of place.

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  1. Looks like you're having a wonderful and peaceful trip!