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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Big Snorkeling Day


On Navini they use the wet landing method of getting on and off  boats. The beach shoes Linda bought make it really easy to walk across the coral beach and out into the water. In a stroke of genius, after she received hers, I decided I wanted a pair also. They are worth their weight in gold even if the hardly weigh anything. Brilliant Linda. Thankful Bob.


Out on the wide, blue Pacific Ocean, our destination a special reef and a morning of snorkeling fun.


Feet, they’re all different, I have to say that the neon yellow beach shoes on my feet definitely set the standard. Freely’s, don’t go near the water without them. Okay, so I just made that saying up, but Freely’s are for real. In case I haven’t mentioned it, we really do like our Freely’s. Impressionable Bob.


Linda decided, wisely I might add, that with the little experience at snorkeling she has had, it was best that she stay on the boat. As for me, I had a wonderful time in the water.


In all, there were ten of us that had a grand morning.


I loved how I would be going along and all of a sudden something like this would pop out.

Blue fish and pink coral, what’s not to like about Fiji.


Checking in with Linda. Happy Wife, Happy Life.


Over the reef edge. Needless to say, my view from the water was much more impressive than Linda’s view from the boat.


Pretty fish. I found myself doing far more looking than photographing, and then just enough so I could give Linda an idea of what was down there.


It blends in really well and probably has a name something like needle or torpedo.


It is easy to tell when someone is there.


Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, don’t be afraid to love, laugh and retire early.

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