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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Navini Out And About Day.




Fresh fruit. Before I forget to mention it, Linda absolutely loves the fresh fruit bowl we have with breakfast every morning.




Well, to be totally accurate, Linda loves everything they serve for breakfast. Clean Plate Linda.




Big resorts have line after line of activities. Navini is a lot more laid back, and that is what made it so appealing. The next to last line says what Life is all about.




Off to a big resort to see how the other half “works” at relaxing.




Just to show you how bored we were at the big resort we went to on the morning outing, Linda and I climbed the mountain that rose up behind it.




Still climbing. I can assure you it was long before the smile had vanished form Linda’s face, and the words, this is as far as I’m going were uttered.




One of the views I saw from the top.




What most of the views from the top were like. Smart Linda for not climbing to the top.




Snake plant in the wild. This was the real reason I climbed the mountain as there was a sign at the bottom detailing the various plants that could be seen along the trail. Of course I never saw any at all on the way up. Coming down I did discover this small patch of snake plant about 30 feet from the bottom. There are some things that just aren’t worth the effort. this was one of them.



Wouldn’t you know it, the view from where I saw the snake plant was better than the view from the top. Some things really, really, aren’t worth it. Tired Bob. Not Tired Linda.



Pretty picture. Another of those, I don’t know what it is, but it sure is pretty moments. The tree that is, the pretty woman is my wonderful wife, the one who was yelling, “Not there, over to your right. Are you sure all the tree is showing? Now take the photo.”




How everything gets to Navini.




All the ice cream here is made here. All the ice cream on the plate gets eaten. The cake also.




Footwear comes off before you enter any building. Linda quickly decided it was easier taking off flip flops than her shoes. and bought a pair. I guess you could say she flip flopped on the footwear question. Groaner Bob.


Linda snorkel update: Today she got brave enough to to go out into waist deep water. It took quite a while, but she eventually picked her feet up off the bottom and and began swimming on the surface. Watching underwater I could see that every once in a while she would get into panic mode, with her legs thrashing around madly as she tried to plant her feet on the bottom, though in time she became more and more confident and got out to shoulder deep water. I was the good husband and never strayed more a few feet from her. The best part was she actually saw several small fish. I now call her Linda, the soon to be snorkel queen. Proud Bob.

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