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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Goodbye London, Hello Retama - Sep 16, 2019

Ms. Getthere Inpentyoftime was cracking her whip this mornining and her servant was ready on time. Good Bob.

At 5:45 in the morning Holborn Station was not exactly buzzing with activity.

The big smile is because we had timed it right, or maybe it was because I had actually listened to her when she said what time she wanted to at the station. Good Bob.

It was an easy trip out to Heathrow, which is just one of the reasons we always stay at the Travelodge on Holborn. It's hard to believe they had this sign up welcoming Linda to the terminal, for Linda is the Queen of our family while I am no more than her lowly man servant, scraping my chin on the floor in devotion to her lovely countenance. I sometime wonder if Sam Cooke had it right.

We were at the gate 2 hours before departure, meaning I am really in her good graces for the moment. With a form life filled with air travel, my attitude is that if make the flight it it soon enough to get to the airport.. The result is we compromise. I do it her way and my life is good. Smart Bob.

It is always good to see a sign like this with the flight leaving as scheduled.

Especially when the the waiting area looks like this.

Economy Plus and no one between us.

Our tradition is hold hands during takeoff and landing, seat assignments allowing. Have to love the red hair across the way.

Ms. Four Pillows being comfy.

About half home on the ten hour flight.

Linds being VERY comfy.

Our last taste of England in more ways than one. English made, but even better is the word "ovenable".

Almost home. Approaching the McAllen Airport. First time I ever noticed these center pivot irrigated fields. New experiences even when almost home. It was a great trip and hope readers enjoyed following along. Time to say goodbye until November when we leave for Antarctica. May we always live Life to its fullest.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Tower Bridge and the Thames - Sep 15, 2019

Today is our last full day in London. One last chimney pot photo out the window near the elevators in the hotel.

Now that it's time to leave London we learn that just a couple blocks away is a Dutch pancake restaurant where they have those little Dutch pancakes we loved so much in Amsterdam. The good thing is that now we know it's here, we have another reason to come back to London.

Nothing like a little blur to show the movement of the approaching train.

What the little blue sign above the seat says. Linda always goes for the seats as they are usually empty. And that's all I'm going to say about it. Smart Bob

A couple weeks ago I posted a photo of me standing beside the statue outside the Tower underground station and I believe I said the statue was of Julius Caesar. Wrong! Humbled Bob.

Similar to the pose from last time except I'm using my other hand to grab the scroll he holds in his hand.

The shadow makes it hard to see, but just to the left and slightly below the Roman ring on my finger is the rain on Trajan's finger. I'm sure his would have been of pure gold, but to me my little bronze ring is just as important.

The towers of the Tower of London with the top of the Shard among them.

Heading out a crossed London Bridge.

The shadow of the bridge in the water is nifty.

Detail of the Tower Bridge.

The section of the bridge that raises when tall ships sail under it.

Yes, I like to take pictures of. The Shard

When I first downloaded this photo I wasn't sure what it was, then I realize that you'll discover what this is in just a minute.

You can actually tour The Tower Bridge we are high above it in one of the walkways.

What that photo above was about, the glass in the glass floor of the walkway.

Linda being brave.

Linda being very brave.

It took some doing, but I overcame my fear of heights and stepped out onto the glass.

The funny thing was that once I was out there I really did notice any of my usual fear.

Documenting the fact that I actually did look down, there's no way those feet are of anyone but me.

The sticker proclaims that I walked the glass floor.

So just what am I taking a photo of?

What's down below, that's what. And I will say I'm not sorry for all the pictures of me on the glass floor because I was very proud of myself for doing something that is normally something I would never do. Heights and open spiral staircases with a center pull are two things that are really tough for me to face. I guess maybe in the scheme of things that's not really very many things.

The closest building is London City Hall.

Another of those weird photos that show up on Linda's camera.

Not the kind of spiral staircase that frightens me.

When we left the tower of the Tower Bridge, we were told to follow the blue line to the engine room where the old steam engines that powered the lift bridge before the electric hydraulic system was installed are still there and are able to be viewed.

Is photographer was taking photos of the girl with one of the towers of the bridge as a backdrop

The boilers in the engine room.

The engines that use to and lower the bridge.

This is the section that raises and lowers.

While we were on the bridge we saw people walking along the banks of the Thames. Guess what we had to do?

The rockhound doing her thing.

While she did that I took pictures of the bridge.

Shadow in the Thames. A short distance away I was standing on the shore and saying I do believe the tides coming in because the water seems to be getting higher when sure enough it came right up over top of my Tevas. I have been thinking I wanted to touch the water, but it's so muddy looking and full of junk that I really didn't want to stick my hand in it.

I like the contrast even if you can't see what the beautiful model actually looks like.

A different view of the bridge, you can see the glass walkway section near the center.

The glass walkway from below.

Yes there photos of what you think they are. We were lucky enough to be up close when the bridge opened and closed.

All traffic stops when the bridge closes even ambulances with the lights flashing.

The gates closed.

Visiting the bridge then walking along the south bank is something we do every time were in London and often on the morning of our last full day.

Interesting busker.

We love the architecture of the buildings in London whether they be modern skyscrapers or Victorian edifices.

Something that we always take a photo of.

I know that London Bridge is really in Lake Havasu, Arizona, but this is the one that replaced it in London. Or at least I think this is the one that replaced it in London.

Our last ride on the underground until we take our ride on the Piccadilly line out to Heathrow tomorrow morning.

What better way to spend the late afternoon that are favorite pub, The White Hart, the Oldest Licensed Premises in London.

Linda has her favorite.

Dunbar, my favorite.

Relaxing in the room that last evening in London. We've learned that rather than go to a play and get back late it's far better to spend a little time just enjoying Life. It's been a fantastic six weeks but as always, we will be glad to be back home tomorrow night.