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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

On to Amsterdam - Sep 2, 2019

It's our last morning waking up to this beautiful scene but new adventures in Amsterdam await.

Even though it's an international flight we are leaving from Heathrow terminal for instead of terminal five where we usually the part. We managed to beat the morning rush on the tube, taking a circle line train from Tower Hill station to Earls Court then transferring to the Piccadilly line for the trip to Heathrow. Luck was with us and we had seats all the way.

Linda did her usual recording of our bags and their being checked in. While our luggage is very seldom "lost", Linda likes to have a visual record to show when we fill out the forms.

First glimpse of the Netherlands. I'd been watching it at the window for some time but unfortunately the sun was on this side of the plane and none of the photos were any good. Once we made the turn for the approach to the airport, no more sun glare. It's unreal how scratched up the windows on aircraft can get.

From the airport we took the train to the Amsterdam Zuid station which was less than five minutes from our hotel.

As always, it takes us a few minutes to put things in perspective. If you think silent electric cars are a problem, you should travel to the Netherlands where bikes by the bazillion silently whisk up on you until you remember to always look everywhere when walking.

Our hotel room. We stayed at this chain before and love all the automation of everything. There is an iPad that you use to control virtually everything in the room. It took us a few minutes to remember how everything worked but soon setting the mood wasn't simple as pushing a button on the screen.

Talk about setting the mood, this is one happy lady. Look at the size of that gin and tonic. And yes we will definitely be back here again.

At the end of the day of travel a big meal as last thing we want and our falafel burgers and fries to die for made us to very happy campers. Yesterday I said we'd be sad to leave London, but I must say that today we are happy to be in Amsterdam. And just to forewarn you, you're going to be fairly busy for the next couple of days so I might be a little late in posting.

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