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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Goodbye London, Hello Retama - Sep 16, 2019

Ms. Getthere Inpentyoftime was cracking her whip this mornining and her servant was ready on time. Good Bob.

At 5:45 in the morning Holborn Station was not exactly buzzing with activity.

The big smile is because we had timed it right, or maybe it was because I had actually listened to her when she said what time she wanted to at the station. Good Bob.

It was an easy trip out to Heathrow, which is just one of the reasons we always stay at the Travelodge on Holborn. It's hard to believe they had this sign up welcoming Linda to the terminal, for Linda is the Queen of our family while I am no more than her lowly man servant, scraping my chin on the floor in devotion to her lovely countenance. I sometime wonder if Sam Cooke had it right.

We were at the gate 2 hours before departure, meaning I am really in her good graces for the moment. With a form life filled with air travel, my attitude is that if make the flight it it soon enough to get to the airport.. The result is we compromise. I do it her way and my life is good. Smart Bob.

It is always good to see a sign like this with the flight leaving as scheduled.

Especially when the the waiting area looks like this.

Economy Plus and no one between us.

Our tradition is hold hands during takeoff and landing, seat assignments allowing. Have to love the red hair across the way.

Ms. Four Pillows being comfy.

About half home on the ten hour flight.

Linds being VERY comfy.

Our last taste of England in more ways than one. English made, but even better is the word "ovenable".

Almost home. Approaching the McAllen Airport. First time I ever noticed these center pivot irrigated fields. New experiences even when almost home. It was a great trip and hope readers enjoyed following along. Time to say goodbye until November when we leave for Antarctica. May we always live Life to its fullest.

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