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Sunday, September 8, 2019

MyHeritage Genealogy Conference Day One - Sep 7, 2019

These post is genealogy focused. You have been warned.

Hard to believe, but we stepped in this morning so Linda took the morning photo out of our window.

I warned above this was a genealogy focused post I really is just about all it's about. Jeff Rasmussen of Legacy Family Tree and Legacy Webinars introducing Gilad Japhet, founder and owner of MyHeritage who would give the Keynote talk.

Gilad. He has the real deal, a genealogist who founded and runs a genealogy company as a genealogy company. Unlike the CEO of Ancestry who before becoming CEO was the CEO of the toy company, Mattel. MyHeritage totally dominates the genealogy business in Europe and has his eyes set on ever widening that lead.

Two new acquisitions announced by Gilad.

What they are working on for ethnicity of students will definitely make them the leaders in that area. They are also doing some amazing things with free text recognition of newspapers and it was interesting hearing Gilad admit that he was the one behind the programming. Imagine, a CEO who does more than promise ever greater returns to stockholders.

Daniel Horowitz introducing the new MyHeritage Educational Resource Center which will be free to all users of MyHeritage whether you have the subscription or not.

Cyndi Ingle, she who told me off a few years ago on our genealogy cruise.

Sharp eyed viewers will note this was taken after most people had eaten. Let's just say that had I tried to hold the camera when they open the doors it would likely have been knocked out of my hands. I had grabbed Linda and rushed her up to the front so we were among the first people to go down the line. Sometimes you just have to outsmart most of the other people.

That's Linda with something in her hands, most likely desert while many people are still coming in the door. The early bird truly does get the best food the quickest.

What does a speaker do while waiting for the time to start their talk? Take a look.

Just to show that those DNA presentations I give to the Retama genealogy group could be a lot more complex. Nice Bob

What's coming down the road and ethnicity.

Besides lectures there are workshops.

Evert Jan Blom, he who developed Genetic Affairs. Many of the people who are the "biggies" in genealogy are here.

The biggest problem with something like The Theory of Family Relativity (or Ancestry's ThruLines) is that they are only hints and it is your responsibility to VERY RIGOROUS in confirming they are valid.

A great panel discussion on the future of DNA.

Blaine Bettinger and Roberta Estes in the center.

Those at home watching the live stream, this is the control center for all of that.

The camera. We bring you everything about the conference. Even what you don't really need to know.

Blaine and Roberta, two of our favorite genetic genealogists.

Linda has discovered a new gin and tonic that she really loves. It's the first one listed. Now the problem is going to be finding Bobby's Gin when we return to the US. She already is adding a slice of orange and all she will have to do is to stick a few cloves into it. As far as the Fever Tree tonic, that's all she ever uses. Happy Linda.

Now that's the gin and tonic. As for me, it's 18-year-old Highland single malt scotch on the rocks. Our Retama winter next-door neighbor, Jeff, recommended it saying it was very good. He was certainly right. One of those, very expensive but worth it, drinks.

Not the greatest photo but it is an interesting appearing building.

Party time tonight. Every blogger the rights about any type of genealogy get together where the different companies throw a party say that the only one to go to is the MyHeritage party. We learned that last year in Oslo, so we were looking forward to tonight's party. We weren't disappointed.

Flower child Linda.

Elvis Rasmussen, he of Legacy Webinars.

The first entertainers were a group of folk dancers.

It's not the full dancers it's the party goers having fun.

Everyone got into the theme of the evening. Roberta was one of those who didn't need to wear a wig to look the part.

It wasn't the Beatles but it was still a lot of fun.

I know what you're thinking, a photo of me eating a little burger and then a photo of the burger with the bite out of it. Wrong the first is be trying to eat a burger and having the mustard catch up etc. fall on the table. The second one, notice the size of the tromped out part. Is Linda's burger. My little mouth can't even get around the entire burger.

The music was quite loud.

At times it was even louder.

And then at times it was really really loud.

Back in the hotel room Linda took a selfie. Lucky Bob.

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