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Friday, September 13, 2019

The Brit and Plays Day - Sep 12, 2019

It's not called the Guitar Street, even though it is lined with guitar shops. A short distance from our hotel is Denmark Street a guitar players paradise. It happened to be on our way from the theater we were buying tickets for a performance to the British Museum. I realize this photo doesn't show a street lined with guitar shops, but sometimes my photography doesn't line up exactly with what I decide to write and this is one of those times.

It's arguably the world's greatest museum. As far as Linda and I are concerned, and we've seen most of the world's great museums, it is for us.

The line to get in.

10 minutes later, almost there.

Through the bag check area and the line is just as long as it was when we started. It's not a straight line is zigzags back and forth all the way along.

Everybody ahead of us seem to be taking pictures up the steps so I thought I would to. I don't know if it was to take the pretty model or the statue.

Linda does what is important about sculpture.

The one thing we wanted to make sure we saw at the museum. We had heard all about the Lewis Chessmen in Scotland where they are a little bit, actually a great deal, upset because the Lewis chessmen that were found in their country are kept at the British Museum in London who has loaned a few pieces to the Scottish national Museum. In this matter we side with the Scots.

They are carved from walnut tusks and you can see the pith from the inside of the tusk in this one.

Gold and silver, two of Linda's favorite things. I'll just say I had to be rather judicious in the number of photos of these types of things I post. The top photo was part of a horde of Roman coins, while the bottom photo was a horde of silver plunder buried by Vikings.

Linda really likes these Roman mosaic floors.

As she pointed to this one, she said I what one just like that. I can report it is still in place in this museum exhibit.

Our main focus of interest for today's visit was Roman Britain, mainly because we so enjoy watching Time team episodes and often they are about uncovering Roman Britain finds.

The placard tells the story of the previous image.

Funny how certain objects seem to catch Linda's I. If it's a chicken, no matter how small, she's going to find it.

I found these two pieces that remained of a bronze sculpture very interesting.

Meanwhile, Linda is photographing more chickens.

Theater selfie for the day.

They were a little further back than normal supposedly it was a very good show.

It was the musical BIG.

I'll just say that the theater was less than 50% full and based upon the muted, polite applause and rush to leave when it was over it's not something that's going to be held over after it's run is completed. What can I say, sometimes we winners and sometimes we pick duds.

That you thought I was done posting chimney pot pictures, wrong. Not the greatest example, but beggars can't be choosers.

Tonight's play. It's going to be our fourth time seeing it over the years. The easiest way to say it is that it is laugh out loud funny and the audience really gets into it.

If it looks somewhat similar to postings from past years it's because it is. The cast changes, they make some minor changes to the play, but for all intents and purposes it remains the funniest play we've ever seen. They may call it the play that goes wrong, but really it's the play where if anything could possibly go wrong it does and even some things you don't think could possibly go wrong go wrong. On top of that it is only a 10 minute walk from our hotel so we get the best of both worlds.

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