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Friday, September 6, 2019

The Rijks Museum and More - Sep 5, 2019

If you've ever stayed at this hotel chain you'll instantly recognize it from this photo. If you haven't stayed at this hotel chain it's probably best that you don't know the name because it's highly unlikely you would like the room. I say that because they're all exactly the same. Secretive Bob.

I think that it's unreal that Amsterdam has posters up welcoming Linda to the city. I've always known she's unbelievably fantastic but to discover that here in Amsterdam they think the same thing is mind blowing. Worshipful Bob.

One of today's outings is at one of the world's truly great museums.

Copies abound, but this is the original. I should also add that is surprisingly small.

The Rijks Museum is not just paintings.

Paintings so realistic that you have to tell yourself they are not photographs.

Great paintings require great study.

Obviously Linda, the foot lover, was here.

Rembrandt van Rijn's most famous painting, The Night Watch. The bottom photo is a copy. The top three photos show what you see in the gallery. It is currently undergoing extensive study prior to it undergoing conservation efforts.

I am not sure why she wanted me to pose like this beside this life-sized painting? I sort of get the idea there might be a subliminal message about my eating habits while we are over here. Puzzled Bob.

I wish I had time to crop this photo but there are only so many hours in the day. Of all the photos we saw in the gallery this is the one that I liked the best. The posture and expressions of the children are so very real.

My favorite wood carving.

I'll let this one speak for itself.

Time for a little food and refreshments. Happy Linda

A photograph that eats a story told. So why is Linda's swizzle stick in the bottle her tonic water came from? It seems that there were bees around. Bees like sweet things. Linda's tonic water was sweetened with sugar. Bees were not only flying around the top of the bottle that were going down into it and coming back out mere inches from where I was setting. Hence the swizzle stick which could also be called a bee ban. Smart Bob

Linda and her food photos. Some might notice the bottom photo is of those same little pancakes we had on the food tour, and I do mean the same little pancakes. We returned to that restaurant for our noon meal and Ms. Sweet Tooth knew exactly what she wanted for dessert. Luckily there was an even number of them, 12 by count, so each of us got six, even though each of us would have liked to have had 12. There are things that are good and then there are things that are far beyond good.

The other day I mentioned about the beam at the top of the buildings and that it was used to move things in an out of the upper stories. Walking to another museum we saw it actually taking place.

And even better here is a short video of it.

The buildings in Amsterdam are all built on piles.

Again if you stayed at this hotel chain you'd recognize this. They have a separate room where you can iron your clothes and this is on the wall.

It sure beats having an iron in your room. We love the humor they sprinkle throughout the hotel.

Tesla's, they are common here.

Once again five o'clock comes and my wonderful wife knows exactly what to do. This plate of specialty Dutch cheeses was just the thing to go along with her gin and tonic and my draft. When you travel the world you realize that each experience helps make you not only a better person that gives you an understanding that we are all the same.

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