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Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Enjoying Fiji Day





This is our last day with this view. When we arrived on Navini, instead of placing us in the bure we had rented, they upgraded us to this one, which is the nicest one on the island. Tomorrow we will be moving into the bure we had orginally rented for the remainder of our stay. It is slightly smaller, but it is in the perfect location to easily snorkel the reef. Regarding the move, Linda the snorkel lady, remarked, “We can move our things and then go snorkeling.” Have I created a snorkel monster? Happy Bob.




How the well dressed Navini babe dresses during the day. Swimming suit and no shoes. It’s a tough life but she is up to it.




Linda, the beachcomber.




A water eye view of our little portion of the island.




Blue fish.




Blue starfish.




Blue sea something or other.




Sea creature.




Tired, but happy snorkel queen.




Lunchtime. Everyone wears footwear to lunch. The reason, the sun makes the sand too hot to walk on barefooted. Nineteen pairs, everyone is here.




When I saw this photo I couldn’t remember taking it, basically because I didn’t. Linda always says my camera takes better photos than hers. I personally think it is because I take photos of her with my camera and she takes photos of me with hers, meaning it is the subject matter that makes for the good photo, not the camera or the photographer. This Linda selfie proves it. As an aside, the flower is worn on the right side if you are married, on the left if you are single. Lovely Linda.




All dressed up to go to dinner. It’s a tough Life here on Navini, but we’re up to the challenge. As far as that what’s under the sulu question, the answer may never be known as Linda was a little fuzzy as to what to say and I decided to just leave it hanging. Baaad Bob.

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