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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Off to a Native Fiji Village Today




Linda, the Fiji Islands girl enjoying her shells. There is just better way to start the day than to rearrange your shells. I will not be the only one counting the days until we return again to the lands of the south pacific. So much to see, so many trips to take.




Interesting how how paradise was here all along, yet we were always focused on somewhere else.




It was definitely more than two steps in the water and then onto land with this mornings wet landing.  That is the native Fiji village we were going to visit in the distance.




Sulus lifted, off we go.




It’s a long way to dry land.




You’ve come a long ways, baby.




The schoolyard in the village. Each village has its own dialect and in school the kids learn both standard Fijian and English so they are fluent in three different languages.




Definitely not the view we have from our bure on Navini, but this is the real Fiji. A place where life is simple and time is of little importance.




The women of the village display various trinkets and wares in booths along the water front where visitors can shop.




Gee Linda, that brand new necklace matches the earrings you bought in Australia. I knew she was going to buy something, simply because everything so inexpensive there was no way she wasn’t going to buy something. That necklace would have been about the equivalent of $50 US dollars in Australia. Here it was the equivalent of $6 US dollars and she bought it off the person who made it.




Beginning the long walk back out to the boat.




Yes, that is a shark Linda is holding up. Now you know why when she asks me to do something, when finished I always ask her if I did it good enough and does she want me to do more.




Back home. Can you see why we are already talking about coming back again next year?




All the breads, rolls, cakes, pies and other baked goods are made in the kitchen, just as is everything else they serve. How lucky that no Sysco trucks deliver to Navini, otherwise we could be eating the standard US restaurant crap that passes for food. Or should I say, American restaurant food made to American, make it as cheap as possible, tastes. It’s been a while since I had even a tiny little rant, so I won’t even ask for for forgiveness. Chubby Bob.




Definitely decadent. Noon and evening we are faced with something like this. Then a few moments later we are faced with an empty dish What can I say, we love the desserts here. P.S. that sure ain’t your standard American chocolate sauce on top of that homemade ice cream.




When you finish with the meal, Joka is soon handing you the menu for the next meal where you get to agonize over what to have. I once said  “There’s no way I can decide, so I’ll have one of each. ” Joka just smiled and shook her head, no. Since we’ve been here, I’ve had, fish, chicken, beef and vegetarian dishes and everyone of them has been awesome. And Linda says the same thing. Just call us fat but happy Bob and Linda. Oops, it has been suggested that any reference to “fat” should only be a reflection of my appearance and not my slim, lovely, almost ex-wife. Fat and humble Bob.




We moved into anther bure this afternoon, and Linda was quick to try out the hammock. As I was taking this photo I was informed that in no way should I be taking a video (remainder of what she said deleted). I believe I’m allowed to say she didn’t fall out of it. Singed Ear Bob.




Life, lived gently.



Italian Linda.




Grinding pepper is hard to do.




Listening Linda.




Fat Bob’s wife eating delicately. Life is soooo goood. Note: all photos posted above have been passed by the family photo censorette.

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