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Friday, December 4, 2015

Linda Went Snorkeling Today





We all have things in life that present us difficulty in achieving them. You might guess that one of them was achieved from the title of today’s post. However there was an even bigger accomplishment today as the above photo shows. I actually ate a slice of watermelon!!! Linda did point out that I didn’t need to eat every tiny bit of the red, but it was so good I couldn’t help myself. Though this in no way means I will be eating what passes for watermelon when we return to the States. Delusional Watermelon Connoisseur Bob.




We have fresh flowers in our room everyday. Linda is good at taking a photo of them. I have not been as good at posting her flower photos. With flowers blooming all over the island it is easy to overlook what is right in front of us. Thankfully Linda does a good job of pointing out the beauty that is all around us.




A few years ago a hurricane reeked havoc in this part of the Fiji Islands. One side of  Navini was hard hit, and the reef in that area suffered an enormous amount of damage. Here the beach is more a coral beach than a sand beach. Just goes to prove that even paradise isn’t perfect. But it is awfully close to it.




Another day, another snorkeling trip. The big smile is because she who doesn’t previously didn’t put her face in the water, is also going in the water today.




Where we landed had a name, Sand Cay. Technically it should have been Coral Dotted Sand Cay, but then no one is perfect, though some of us are close. Definitely Delusional Bob.




Indeed, she did go snorkeling today.




Proof positive. I may have to rename her Water Nymph. 




The first colorful fish she saw. I could see her thrashing around in the water and thought she might be in trouble. But when I got closer I could see was madly gesticulating at this fish and trying to get my attention.




Her first colorful coral sighting, and with a couple of fish thrown in for good measure.




The absolute highlight of her day. This octopus swam right in front of her and hid under this rock. Life just doesn’t get better than this.




Back on Navini she celebrated her accomplishments of the morning with a mojito. Awesome Linda.

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