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Monday, September 8, 2014

A Day in Giverny



The Blue Book horde, you can’t get away from them in the Paris area, not even on the train to Giverny.


Off the train and in the line for the bus from Vernon to Giverny It moved slowly, we finally got about half way to the door of the first bus and they closed it because the bus was full. Then in the typical manner of the French, instead of pulling the second bus forward, it’s door had been closed all the time, they simply opened the door of the second bus and we ended up waiting as everyone behind us got on first. Another instance that helps prove why people make jokes of the French.


I was reminded to include this photo by the implied use of the word “stupidity” in the previous paragraph. I wish to assure all involved, either as participants or as readers, that the aforementioned non-used word is in no way to be construed as pertaining to the person in the photo. The facts are: Linda was waiting in line for the bus. Linda saw something on the walls of the below ground walk next to where we were standing. Linda stuck her head over the railing in front of her to get a better look at the painting on the wall. Linda turned to tell me what she saw. Linda forget to pull her face back from the railing. Linda wacked her jaw on the railing. Bob will write absolutely no more on this subject. Smart Bob. Readers can make up their own minds as to what Linda is.


Waiting in line for our tickets Linda got excited about the broken pieces of flint imbedded in the outside wall of Monet’s home.


We had just entered the garden area when Linda excitedly said, “Look at that.” As we were surrounded by beautiful flowers, I turned to find out what had Linda so excited and saw her pointing at this. It is what makes Linda, Linda. Lucky Bob.


Are the Gardens beautiful? You bet. But this woman has even those flowers beat. She knows I love to see her wear this blouse, but it blew me away when she told me she wore it on purpose because it was colorful just like she knew the flowers in the garden would be. Unbelievably Lucky Bob.


Yes, she took dozens and dozens of flower photos, garden photos and water lily photos. Meanwhile I was on my own mission. To take photos of Linda taking flower, garden and water photos. I love how her blouse perfectly compliments the flowers.


Very seldom does Linda ever ask me to take a photo of her, but in this case I was literally ordered to take her photo. As I recall it had something to do with a really, really big leaf.


Monet loved to paint scenes capturing the reflections in his pond. It is easy to see why.


This has to be a record. For the second time today I was told to take her picture. This time the little girl was excited by how tall these flowers were.


Big smile at the end of the day, and her blouse even compliments the seats on the train. What a woman.


Photo of the typical Parisian woman bringing home a baguette to have with dinner. It has been a while since I closed a post with a quote, but I think the following quote by Jean Anoulih, a French playwright and screenwriter, is perfect for a day when we visited Monet’s Gardens. “Some men like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path.” Sorry if you were looking for more photos of Monet’s Gardens in today’s post, but that just gives you a reason to see them in person.

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