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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bayeux Bound



Gare St Lazare was where we were catching the train to Caen this morning. We got on the Metro shortly after 7:30 and just like the morning we went to Giverny, the cars were almost empty. St, Lazare is the second busiest station in Europe, and given this view you might think it was almost empty.


Every time a train pulls in there is a vast river of humanity that pours forth. We were sitting comfortably in our seats when a train pulled in beside us.


The trip from Paris to Caen took just a little over two hours. The plan was to rent a car in Caen, it being much easier than in Bayeux, and then do some sightseeing on the way to Bayeux.


Probably wondered what the previous photo was for, didn’t you? It was so I could show where this handle was in relation to the door and steps from the train car. Did you know that if, and I emphasize if, you have your daypack slung over one shoulder, and if, again I emphasize if, you leave the other strap hanging loose, and if, once again emphasizing if, that loose strap is hanging free on the side this handle is on, and if, there’s that word again, you try to step off the car with your luggage in one hand and your wife’s in your other hand, you just might find yourself hung up on this handle, unable to go forward to the platform or step backwards onto the step. Not saying it might have happened to me, but it it is something you don’t want to have happen to you.


Linda made sure to take photos of all the scratches and dings on the car before we left the rental location.


Honfleur, where we stopped to eat lunch and walk around the old town and wharf area. It was easy to see why this was one of the favorite places the impressionist painters came to paint.


Picture perfect.


Galettes for lunch. Think a crepe taken to its ultimate level.


Dessert galette. Indescribable. We just love the food in Normandy.


Honfleur has a wonderful old town area.


Across the bay from Honfleur is Le Havre. It may not look like much but to me it was special. The port area certainly didn’t look this way in either October of 1869 and again in April of 1870 when my great grandparents boarded their ships to sail to the US, but it didn’t matter. I was here


The shower in our room. Have to love the ones without a shower door. Tomorrow morning it will likely be – Water, water, everywhere, and much of it on the floor.


Moules in cream sauce for dinner. I ate all the moules and almost every last drop of cream sauce.


Dessert so good I took the first bite before remembering I needed to take a picture.


One last stop to see the cathedral. What an awesome day. But as they say, be sure and watch out for those handles on train car doors. Laughing Bob.

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