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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enjoying Cochem, Germany



The family accountant entering the week’s expenditures. Every time she does this she says she is going to enter the figures more often so she doesn’t have to do so much at once. That is until the next time when it is the same thing all over again. And she accuses me of not being teachable. Lord help me if I ever tried to mention that she shouldn’t wait so long to do this. Silent Healthy Bob.


I asked Linda where the nail clippers were and upon retrieving them discovered this, which brings up the subject of weight. Carbineer, nail clippers with metal ring, metal lock with keys, compass and thermometer and last, a combination bottle opener and flashlight. Since we follow the don’t look, don’t ask rule, I won’t ask her why she has all this in her suitcase.


We mailed the package back to the US today. it was filled with clothes, souvenirs, books and such, the things we have been carrying around in our suitcases, mostly mine. As per the ticket it weighed 3.89 kilos which is just over 8.5 pounds. It was no wonder my suitcase kept feeling heavier the longer we have been traveling. I hope our neighbor’s, Tim and Bonnie, are strong enough to lift it when it is delivered to them in a week or so. Would you believe with the mailing of this package I feel like a great weight has been lifted from me?


Busloads and cruise boat loads of passengers filled the streets of town today. The sad thing is they never see these towns without all their fellow passengers. The good thing is they head back to their buses and boats in the late afternoon leaving the town to us.To each their own.


I couldn’t believe it, Linda was actually shopping. Then I learned she was getting away from the jostling and bumping in the narrow streets. Smart Linda.


I heard a familiar voice calling my name. Texas cowgirl hats in Cochem? Who would have ever thought it. And no, not even I am dumb enough to suggest she ought to buy it.


Another ride on a sesselbahn, but note Linda has no death grip today. Actually I believe she was praying as I had discovered that by rocking back and forth and side to side it made the ride more fun. I believe her prayer was something to effect of lord deliver me from this idiot and if you won’t, give me the strength to push him out of the chairlift. Lucky for me he must have been busy with other problems at the moment.


Some things truly are priceless.


If you walk way out on a rocky point you get another view of the happy threesome. Travel, boring? Never!


Same photo but with me in it this time. The small white area slightly above and to the left of my hat is where they were sitting. Note self, next time when taking a selfie remember to smile.


Walking back to the valley.


Cautious Linda. I was good today. Our kids remember the time we had her sitting in the middle of the trail crying because the trail was so scary. well maybe little bit of the reason was because we hanging out over the edge of the cliff we were on at the time. Today I was on my very best behavior.


Linda was not scared every step the way down the mountain as this flower photo she took shows.

Downhill racer

Some things require no further explanation. This is one of them.


Believe me, you have no idea of just how much effort it took to get this picture, but suffice it to sat the lower section of the trail passed through a vineyard.


Linda had a great question. We know the slate soil of the Mosel Valley is why the area produces great Rieslings. Her question was how in the world do plant the vines in this rocky ground?


Enjoying a round of wine tasting at the weingut where we are staying.


Enjoying a pork knuckle as our last German dinner.


Linda enjoying an ice cream cone, just because she can. Germany, we will miss you, but we will be back.

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