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Monday, September 1, 2014

Not the Usual Travelogue for Cochem, Germany



It has been a while since I posted a “footie’ photo. This should make up for it. What I missed was this time she had the entire innersole out of the shoe. Slow Bob.


It seems I was slow Bob in more ways than one this morning. Shortly after the daily footie incident, I wandered over to the schedule that was posted at the train station to once again check what time the train we were taking would be leaving. There is a yellow sheet with departures and at the larger stations, a white sheet with arrivals. Imagine my surprise when look as much as I might, I couldn’t find any mention of the train we were waiting for on the schedule.


I had given up, wondering if I had the right time or train, or if the schedule had been changed without my knowledge. Then on the other side of the board I saw a very faded yellow schedule and on it was the train we were waiting on. It turned out the first schedule I had been looking at was for trains leaving Koblenz, not St. Goar where we were. Really Slow Bob.


This one is for our niece. Her favorite beer is Bitburger. Joellen, this one is for you! And was it ever good.


Meanwhile, across the table from me, this was sitting in front of Linda. From the lip smacking that was going on I learned that while I might be having a Bitburger for Joellen, this Hawaiian Schnitzel was only for Linda, every last little bite of it.


As readers know, when I download Linda’s photo’s I never know what to except. This time she has set a new standard. How to use the toilet bush: totally wrong, wrong, almost correct and correct. I was afraid to ask her which way she used the brush. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t kiss her good night, nuzzle her hair or pat her on the butt tonight.


It was the final day of the Cochem Wine Festival so what better to do than to sample a Cochem wine or two.


These two were from Weingut Haxel, and were very good. In fact they had a sekt that was just about perfect, and at a price that was a fraction of what a sekt that good would cost in the US.


We are staying at a weingut and the view from our window is of the vines on the steep slope rising from the valley. What gives the wines of this region there special characteristic is the slate soil. Note the pieces of slate on the surface of the ground. Harvest is still a month away while the grapes hang dark and plump. In the vineyard there are only a few rows of dark grapes, all the rest were green grapes. So why did the photo I take show only the dark grapes? Don’t ask me.


Having had a Bitburger for Joellen at lunch, it was only fair that I had an aquavit after dinner. This one was for Karen who had told us before our Scandinavian tour to make sure we had her favorite, aquavit, while on the tour. What has happened is that every time I have an aquavit I smile at Linda and say, “I have to keep Karen happy.” So Karen, this one is for you. Skoal!


What is a wine festival without a big party in the old town square. Life is not a dress rehearsal, don’t be afraid to love, laugh and retire early.

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