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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Wine Tasting Day



No, Linda is not sporting a new hair style and color. That’s a plant growing out of her head. Guess this could be a perfect example of where not to place your subject when taking a photo. At least our morning breakfast was great. (If she had only known where she was sitting when I took the photo.)


Today we were off on a wine tour. Oliver, our guide and chauffer made a wonderful day even better than great as he combined humor and enthusiasm with a vast knowledge of all things wine of the area. Of course, considering we have slim to no wine knowledge, anything he had to say that helped us gain a better understanding of wine was helpful. Add in our wonderful fellow travelers and it made for an another awesome day.


A wine tasting has to start somewhere and this was it. During the day we visited four  geographically separated wineries and sampled some 19 different wines.


I think this was that first wine we sampled. Looking back I am a little fuzzy as to which was when and unfortunately as the day progressed things became more and more fuzzier.


It was interesting to hear the explanation as to why in France there are winemakers and in the States they are wine manipulators. Over here wines are “made” in the vineyard, in the States they are “made” with additives in the winery. I also found it interesting that they use not only stainless steel and wooden tanks, but also concrete tanks in the winemaking process. But then again, I know nothing about winemaking.


Wooden tank. It seems they are into making the best wine they can, not bragging about how they are using old oak tanks, etc..


Oliver was awesome and then some even if he was an expat Brit.


Lunch, which was paired with different wines.


Linda rinsing out her wine glass.


A 2010 wine being barrel aged. Loved the superb craftsmanship of the barrels.


Wine before its time. Photo by Linda.


This is truly beautiful country.


Oliver explaining the pruning process and how it differs depending on what the winemaker wants from the grapes. Please ignore the un-named person in the foreground picking up rocks.


Just like yesterday, there was also a giant grape worm in this field.


The real wine aficionados are studying their wines. Obliviously the writer are not a wine knowledger as words, knot wine, our his forte.


It was a long arduous day for Linda as she slogged through red wine after red wine, but at the fourth and last winery we finally tasted a white wine, not just one but two. To say Linda was happy doesn’t begin to describe her reaction to one of those wines. Imagine a grown woman jumping up and down yelling over and over, “At last, a good wine.” So maybe she wasn’t quite that excited, but she was very close to doing that as she let everyone know THIS was the very best wine of the day. And at only 24 euro a bottle at that.


Guess you could say they know how to have fun at this little supermarket near where we are staying. Life just couldn't be any better, especially when even the cashier at the store knows you. Life is GREAT!!!

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