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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Day Trip to Burg Eltz near Moselkern, Germany



Sorry for the food photo but the cheese aficionado in me was seduced by the five cheeses on the breakfast cheese plate. It was just a coincidence one piece of each of those five different cheeses ended up on my plate. As my palate was unable to differentiate as to which cheese was the best, a repeat tasting has been scheduled for tomorrow morning.


Several days ago I reported that I had enjoyed a Bitburger beer in honor of our niece Joellen, it being her favorite beer. She reported back that should we get the chance, we should have some Piesporter Michaelsburg, which was her favorite German wine. Joellen, I am sorry to say that in order to get a large enough sampling, we had to drink a large number of bottles. Unfortunately, we consumed so much they have an abundance of empty bottles but no full ones. At least we can report they had enough enough bins to hold the empty bottles.


We took a day trip to Burg Eltz today. Having exited the train and walked a short distance Linda queried me as to whether or not we were walking in the right direction. I said, “Go stand by the corner of that building.” She went part way, stopped and said, ‘Why do you want me stand there?”


She was all worried that we were walking to a castle, meaning what about a castle and being on top of a hill don’t you understand. It sure didn’t look like we were going up a hill to me. it sure didn’t look like we were walking on the right road to her.


It says, welcome to guesthouse Grolig. A room with double bed, shower and toilet, 22 Euros ($30) per person including breakfast. Travel in Germany does not have to be expensive. Don’t be afraid to jump in and test the water. You will find it is the perfect place to vacation in Europe. Oh, did I mention, I love Germany.


If she is going to take a selfie, I am going to post it.


Beauty in more ways than one found along the trial to the castle.


This might take some explaining. At the bottom right corner is the town of Moselkern where we began our walk to the castle, Burg Eltz. Near the upper left corner is BurgTrutzeltz (Burg Eltz or castle Eltz) or destination. The blue triangle in the center marks our current location. The blue triangle is where Linda uttered those famous words, “Are we almost there?”  I just smiled and said, “It’s just a little bit further.” Then I showed her what you see in the photo. She merely said, ‘Maybe it’s just a little bit to you but not to me,’ and took off up the trail. Nice Linda.


This where I always say to Linda something about what part of castle and top of the hill do you not understand. This is where Linda always mutters things under her breath and gives me a look that would kill a lesser man.


We really enjoyed our visit to Burg Eltz. Unlike the big gaudy castles of kings with their huge rooms and boring sameness, here we saw what a common castle was like, it having been in the same family for 850 years and never touched by war.IMG_9938

Central courtyard area. No photos are allowed inside the castle and the only way to see it is on a guided tour. Upon arrival we only had to wait a half hour for an English tour.


Waiting for the tour left us time to visit the castle treasury where photos are allowed. There is some serious symbolism in this object, I just don’t know what it is.


It is definitely a castle.


While walking through Moselkern on the way back to the train station Linda was intrigued by this broken down stone wall.


Not much privacy left even if the door is closed to this bathroom.


Beautiful woman with interesting wall.


The plants are all real, the flower pots are all tea and coffee pots. It is why we like to walk around the towns we visit, you never know what you will find around the next corner. And walk we did today, as my fitbit recorded 8.4 miles. May you also be living your dreams. Though I suspect Linda’s dream for tomorrow would include a little less walking. Tired but happy Bob and Linda.

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