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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This and that

It's really not a rabbit. Our slow growing Amaryllis has undergone a recent growth spurt, and it looks like it will result in a flower within the next several days. Some people think that an RV is a small, sterile box when you exist. But to many of us it is our where we live, and live no differently than those who look down our way of Life. We figure if they are unhappy with our Life they must also be unhappy with their life. And we will gladly allow them their opinion as we happily live our Life.

Linda is so diligent about putting out her hummingbird feeder, even though many times no hummers appear. One of her first tasks when we first arrived here at Canyon Vistas was to fill the feeder, and then tell me to mount it on the mirror. Today her efforts were rewarded, as we saw our first hummingbird. It may have only stopped by for a quick drink, but it holds promise for the future. It also brought a big smile to Linda's face, which in itself made it special.

Two guesses as to which was the old filter and the first one doesn't count. We're not sure where we picked up all the red crud, having changed the filter in mid September, but it certainly was messy. Usually we buy filters in the $10 to $12 range, but today we decided to splurge a bit and see if it made a difference. The new filter is a .5 micron filter, as opposed to the 5 micron filters we usually buy, and a little pricy at $23. I thought the water was better with it installed. Linda thought it was still undrinkable. We agreed to disagree, and I agreed to carry the refilled water containers back to the coach. Smart Bob.

Linda has been putting away the Christmas decorations the past few days, and this evening she pronounced the job done except for the LED light strings which we will use when boondocking in Quartzsite. Of course it was only an hour or so later that she started laughing, and when I looked up, I was greeted with "Missed one." It's a typical year, just like all the previous ones where we miss an ornament or two. Now it will be interesting to see just how typical the remainder of the year is. Something tells that that even it is typical, it is still going to be interesting. And what more could we ask from Life.

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