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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Shopping

We are really set in our ways, maybe because we have been here so many times, or maybe because we just like it this way. Get up late, go shopping, lounge around, go to bed. What's not to like about a Life like that. We did venture out a little today, driving up to the Main Event, and even finding several items that we just had to have. We never spend very much on any one thing, but it does seem like the number of things mounts up.

Not everything we buy is for ourselves. As we walked into one store Linda stopped so suddenly I walked right into her.
"Do you see that?"
Or at least I thought that was what she said, though I didn't know how she could see the stars that were floating in my eyes from having run into her.
"There, right there."
And what to my starry eyes should appear but bright shiny penny smasher. Looks like Zachary is going to be getting another envelope sometime soon. We may be miles away from Zachary, but at moments like this he is right here with us.

One of the great things about walking around Quartzsite is that you never know what you might see next. This is one of those places. No sooner did I point out this very interesting camel to Linda, than I hear, "Take my picture."
You'd have thought she was a little kid, what with the great big smile and the giggles. A little old lady would likely stand very stiffly in front of this camel while telling her husband that is no way he going to put a picture like this on the Internet. That is most definitely not Linda, though she has her limits, most of which I find some way around, so here is a must visit if you're in Quartzsite. As to where it was, it was some where along the west end of Main Street. Besides part of the fun is all you see trying to find it. And isn't that one of the keys to enjoying Life, having fun.

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