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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Quartzsite Trailer Trash Gang

Another pot luck tonight, but this one was for a very distinguished group of adults who are collectively known as The Quartzsite Trailer Trash Gang, (QTTG for short). As you can see from the photo of two of the members, the only apparent qualification to be a member is to be breathing, brains are certainly not part of the test for membership.

Great food was on the menu, even if there really wasn't a menu. Ribs, western beans, and all the fixings that go along with them made for a group of happy campers. Confession time here. Last night I had trouble sleeping and this morning Linda diagnosed the cause as too much dessert on my part. I was on my best behavior tonight, only taking one helping of each dessert, and guess what, I actually slept the whole night without getting up once, and I even felt great this morning. I think the moral of that is I can probably take one and half helpings of every dessert and still feel okay. Next potluck I'll have to try it and see.

The real festivities began when our erstwhile leader, Mike, began his usual long winded description of just what a bunch of bozos the QTTG really are. As usual, no one paid much attention to his remarks, with all the men continuing their conversations as Mike droned on. Finally came the presentation of the Trailer Trash hats to the newest members, then suddenly a hush fell over the assembly.

Mike had been replaced by his opposite number and partner in Life, Linda, who was going to be be presenting the coveted Quartzsite Diva visors to the ladies. Begun last year to honor the brains and beauty behind the idiots, err, men who make up the QTTG, it crowns these lovely and vivacious women with a tan visor with the words, Quartzsite Diva across the front.

The highlight of the presentation, at least in my opinion because it is my Daily Journal after all, was the first presentation to a long time Diva who was not present last year for the original awarding of visors. Say what you want, but is things like this that make Quartzsite what it is. Some people see Quartzsite as only dust and huge crowds, others see it as a very special place not to be missed. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is Quartzsite. A special place, a special time, with special people. Who could ever ask for anything more.

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