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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last Day

Our last full day before heading west to Quartzsite meant it was time to check out the Wave 6. And just like it always does, it started right up. What really makes it easy is the rubber hose with the shut off valve and quick connect that we installed when we first started staying at Q. And while it isn't the same as using the furnace, it does serve its function of making the coach more livable when we use it in the morning. More livable meaning it is pointed directly at Linda, which in turns makes Life much more livable for me.

There is Moon over Miami, and then there is Moon over Maricopa. It was a great way to catch our last glimpse of the Superstition Mountains, though we are looking forward to many wonderful sunsets and moonrises at Quartzsite.

Now I know where Linda hides her shoes so I don't trip over them. They're under her side of the bed. The photo obviously isn't about shoes, it's about water. Linda is not keen on the water at this park that we are filling our tank with to use while we are boondocking in Quartzsite. Neither is she keen on the water we will be getting when we refill at the La Posa South water station. We could buy water at the Pit Stop, but that means another stop, so as a first, we are going with bottled water to drink. I guess it must be a sign that we are getting old when the water we have used for years in Quartzsite just isn't good enough anymore. Or maybe it is just that Linda has better taste than I do.

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