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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Even more Shopping

Early morning in Quartzsite. O.K., maybe not early morning as in early morning, but early morning as in our Quartzsite day. Note the Wave 6 toasting the young woman. Note the layers of clothing on the young woman. When I was a kid the coal furnace would go out overnight and even though it would be cold when we got up in the morning, I never complained. But the kids of today are different. It's hard to believe that a healthy young woman like this would take all the heat away from the old man taking the photo, but she did, and with a smile on her face. Some day Alice....

Our little corner of the desert. The dry wash with trees along its banks provides a screen to the rear and a place for birds to perch. Linda has been wondering when we might see more birds, as there have just been a few visiting the feeders so far. In the past our finch feeder has been mobbed but so far we have yet to see a single finch. We are getting a few visits from hummingbirds, but that is about it. Maybe there are good bird years and bad bird years. With our luck we will probably be mobbed next week just before it time to move to La Posa south.

Linda saw a photo of this location on another blog, and it had been on her must find list. Then we had to have a photo, though I think it was just a ruse to give her more time to caress this chicken. I know she would just love to buy something like this for our lot in Retama, which is exactly why they have rules to prevent this type of thing. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though in this case it may be that beauty is in the eye of the holder.

Junk is also in the eye of the beholder and this isn't junk, it's decorator items waiting for the right person to come along. In a former time of a former life, we spent untold hours pawing through piles like this in search of something that we didn't know we wanted it until we saw it. We still have a longing for that time, thoughts which creep into our minds from time to time, but our lives have moved on, and we have new adventures awaiting to be uncovered.

Sometimes you just need to let the photo say it all. This is one of those times.

In the evening we went to the weekly Gospel Jam at the QIA, which costs all of $1 per person admission. While not everyone had the same level of talent, everyone sang from the heart. There were old favorites and also songs written by the individual performer. We remembered the backup band from previous years when we had attended these jams, and while time bring change, tonight's jam was both well attended and well received. Members of the audience are just as necessary as the performers, and we enjoyed playing our part. Thus ended another great day at Quartzsite.

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