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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Naked Bookseller Concert

The RV's are massed at Quartzsite, with more seeming to come everyday. Of course what comes in must come out, and the long lines at the dump station offer testimony to the fact that there is an awful lot going in. We smile as we walk past, happy in our knowledge that when we arrive at Imperial Dam on Sunday morning we won't be seeing this scene repeated there. Smart Bob. Smart Linda.

One thing for certain, when someone who is known as the naked bookseller gives a concert, you know what all the women are going to do. But when the concert is billed as" the naked bookseller as you've never seen him before, it shouldn't come as surprise that he isn't in the state of undress that he usually is. What am I doing wrong, heck, I'm two years younger than this guy and better looking even if I do have less hair, yet all these gray haired old ladies are practically swooning over him and not giving me a second look. Sad Bob

Speaking looks, and it's this one I refer to. Just why was Linda looking at him the way all the rest of those old women were? Here was this handsome young man sitting next to her and does she look at me and smile? No way, she looks at this old fart up on stage and laughs, claps and giggles for several hours. Maybe there is a lesson here. If I were to troop around the coach in nothing but my birthday suit most of the time, then on occasion put on some clothes, would I get the same response? Something tells me that trying this would result in a very, very bad Bob. I guess I'll just never figure out the female mind. Sorry for the blurry photos, but the place just wasn't conducive to our cameras taking good photos.

Batteries are a serious business in Quartzsite. This is the pile of dead ones at The Gambler. No it is not the the Quartzsite Casino, it is the place to find most anything RV, both new and used. Located in front of Rice Ranch, it is always one of our stops whenever we are in Quartzsite, though this year we have yet to spend any money there. Guess that was as close as I came to Good Bob today. Linda will probably call me something else when three weeks from now we need something that we could have bought used for $5 at The Gambler and I end up spending $50 for the same thing new somewhere along the road. Hey, if Life was perfect it would be boring. What dumb thing have you done today?

This is my Good Bob for the day, tire pressure monitors for the coach and the Explorer. There is another layer in the box with the 4 monitors for the Explorer and a number of additional items. One of the guys in our group worked out a deal with the seller for a great discount on these monitors due to the large number of units our group purchased. I have to believe Sara N. Dippity was involved in this, as every year the IRV2 Monaco group seems to end up with some special project, and this year's dove tailed perfectly with my thoughts on the tire monitors.

As I mentioned above, Life isn't perfect. It has many bumps, twists, and outright scary moments. But for all those who are safe in the life they have always lived, and live the same way yesterday, today and tomorrow, there are those who chose to take the other fork in the road. The choice is yours. As for us, we have never looked back, only ahead, while our friends in our former life say "Someday I'll."

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