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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kicking back

While Linda has hopes to see a certain animal while we are here at Imperial Dam, this animal is far to small to be one of those wild burros. I thought I could see puffs of dust across the ravine, but Linda said she didn't see anything. Finally I took an photo of the area and enlarged it to reveal what looked like a dachshund digging and digging at a patch of exposed dirt. We never did see it dig anything up, but it sure got a lot of exercise in.

In the afternoon we had Leonard and Val over to the coach, during which time Linda got to serve some goodies on her Pink Store plates and bowls. Leonard, who reads the Daily Journal loves to fly RC planes, unfortunately the winds here were making that nearly impossible. I could understand, as all the rocks here make it difficult to play with my RC off road truck.

Leonard and Val are leaving tomorrow to head back to Idaho, which makes my having to move rocks to play with my truck sound not nearly so bad in comparison. Still, the month to month and a half they spend down here where it's warm is that much better than the people who stay home and saying they will some day spend some time where it's warm in winter, but then never get around to actually doing it. Then they act bitter and jealous of those that are actually doing it. I'll take our Life any day.

Another evening, another fire. Pyro-mom is a very happy camper. I even take a secret little pleasure from these evening fires, which is being able to take a sniff of her smoky hair when I first wake up in the morning. The danger of writing about that is Linda is liable to get the idea that's all it takes to keep me happy. On the other hand, if just waking up every morning and looking at her always brings a great big smile to my face as I marvel at just how lucky I am to have her, maybe a smoky hair sniff is simply a plus. Lucky Bob.

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