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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The QIA Pow Wow and old friends

Flowers in the desert as one of our Narcissus bulbs shows its first bloom. We may not have a flower garden on the scale we did in our other life, but Linda does her best to provide a little color, even if as in this case the color is white. This is her first attempt with Narcissus and it looks like they may be something we will be seeing again and again in the coming years.

In the afternoon we drove up to La Posa North, parked near where we had been staying the past week and walked to the QIA were the Pow Wow was being held. As we walked up and over the I-10 bridge we counted 58 buses in this group that was parked across from Rice Ranch. At the Pow Wow there were so many vendors it was impossible to check out every booth, and while the show was all about rocks and minerals, we avoided the temptations all around us and didn't buy any.

There was one thing that we could pass by, and they were so unique and dear to our hearts that we ended up with two of them. Many, many decades ago a relative of the lady I am talking to made impressions of a number of petroglyphs, not by using paper and graphite, but by using paint on cloth and now they are really going to look nice in our Retama coach house. Most people probably pick their color palette then buy accessories to fit in with it. We buy the accessories then try to figure what color palette will go with them. I guess I should be glad Linda didn't fall in love with the ones on either the purple or maroon fabric.

We also stopped by the RV America group site, which is where we have stayed during the Big Tent RV Show week in years past. Carl and Sandy had their trailer parked there, and while were visiting with them, Mike and Linda, as well as Virgil and Sharon arrived. We told them that even though we would not be staying with them this year, the 5 o'clock Happy Hour would find ready to party every night. Friends that you see only once every year or two, another thing that makes Quartzsite so special.

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