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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Having fun

At the west end of the Big Tent is this interesting display of the wiles of womanhood. Today as we passed by I couldn't resist and said, "Nice."
"Oh, so you like them do you?"
Silence on my part.
"Would like to take my picture beside them?"
This time there was no hesitation and ensuing silence, "Sure."
"Where do you want me to stand?"
"Over at the end would be fine."
"Which way do you want me to face?"
You know the saying, Don't sweat the small stuff? Well there I was sweat pouring off me in rivers because a man very seldom, if ever gets asked a question of such great importance. It was one of those, Life will be great or into the doghouse for years, moments.

This was where the rubber would meet the road. When the years of living with woman but never understanding would be put to the ultimate test. Maybe it was a natural instinct instilled in man over the eons, or was it just dumb stupid luck? I don't know, but whatever it was out came the words, "It wouldn't be fair to those other female rear ends if you turned around because then they would just look average." Brilliant Bob. And the larger than Life smile I received was awesome in and of itself.

On Monday we had dropped off the Blue Ox hitch to have it serviced, and it was supposed to be ready this morning. Unfortunately it wasn't quite to my liking. Linda will tell you that I am a very easy going person and often will accept things that she throws an absolute expletive filled fit over. When I dropped it off I pointed out that the rubber dust boots were in bad shape and one was going to tear through very soon. When he carried it out I was surprised to see that they hadn't been replaced. After a brief discussion, I could have come back within the hour to pick them up with boots on them, but I said tomorrow morning would be fine. Also got a really huge discount, more than 50%, on new 10,000 pound safety cables for my trouble. And to think, I never once even raised my voice all that time. Looks like I haven't completely forgotten about my former life when "NO" was never an acceptable answer.

And I thought our having a fish as a pet in our RV was unusual, you can see I didn't know much. Met Porketta, the pet pot bellied pig who travels in airplanes, in cars and in an RV. I will leave it to Linda, if and when she ever updates her blog, to provide all the details about pretty Porketta. Let finding Porketta be a lesson to all those negative types that complain about Quartzsite even though they have likely never spent any time here. They think you know it all, but in reality, they don't know anything because all they know and will ever know is what they already know, and time has a already passed them by. We can't believe we live the Life we live, and tomorrow will only be better, and if it isn't, it will make a great story to tell around a campfire some day.

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