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Monday, December 12, 2011

Music in the park

Another day, another load of wash. Maybe I have unloosed a monster. Prior to making the drying rack, the woman I have called my wife for all these decades seemingly had an aversion to doing the laundry. More than once as we lived this fulltime Life I have thought the washer was so full of dirty clothes, it being used as the hamper, that it would literally pop the door. No more. If one or two items should appear in the washer, the wife is pouring in the detergent and soon taking out the wet clothes to be hung on the drying rack. Maybe I should start a pool to see how long this new behavior of her's lasts. Or maybe not, especially if I like my body being in the form it currently exhibits.

In the evening we walked up to the park's Activity Center, where the Livingston Area Community Band was presenting one of their two their annual Christmas Concerts. The band is composed of local people ranging from Junior High School students to retired band directors. Over the years we have heard a number of community bands, and while we might be prejudiced because we "live" in Livingston, this was by far the best community band we have ever heard. Home town pride? Sure, but it was well earned by this wonderful band.

Before the end of the concert an announcement was made about there being cookies after it was over and everyone was "required" to have at least one cookie. As you can see, there were some people, whose name will not be revealed since it was my wife, who had more than that single cookie.

When the day started we didn't know for sure what we were going to be doing, by the end of the day we marveled at the joy the day had brought us. Life isn't always about plans. Life is sometimes about looking at what falls into our lap and saying I like it and want more of it. Planning? Nothing wrong with it, after all we already have tours of France and Spain scheduled for next fall. But for most of our Life? We let Sara lead the way, and we gladly follow. Today was another of those days and our Life was better for it.

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