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Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas Specials

When you are in Columbus, New Mexico on the day after Christmas, the day all the big box stores advertise their super special sales, what do you do when there are no stores? You go down to Palomas and enjoy the wonders of The Pink Store. It is the place to go when you are are here, great food, great people, great shopping and great services. Park in a nice lot on the American side, walk across, one block down on the left side of the main street. Enjoy margarita's and lunch, buy a few things, walk back across the border and five minutes later you are home. Life is good.

We were there with Lew and Helen who have an RV lot in Columbus and had found the Daily Journal. We had a great time visiting, great food and fun shopping afterward, picking up a few Mexican specialties and having a great time. If our box is at the Post Office tomorrow we will be off to the Phoenix area. If not, we know the secret to the Notcold Norcold, so another day in Columbus is no problem. Sometimes Life doesn't go exactly as we would wish. But without a bump or two along the way, just think how boring it would be.

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