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Monday, December 5, 2011

An interesting day in Livingston

Today found us doing some shopping at the Livingston WalMart. We had our list, but there were also some other things that caught our eye, or at least caught Linda's eye. As we passed by the fabric section she mention that she would like to make some fabric bowls, but not right now. Then what should appear but their clearance section, and Linda was an entirely new person. One that was drawn as a moth to light to that clearance sign. In the end we escaped without buying any fabric, but as to what the future holds, only she who seeks the unknown knows.

Nothing is ever as it seems, and while this looks like a beautiful young woman waiting for something that either wasn't, isn't, or won't be, it is not that at all. Linda had scheduled our once every two years eye examination to take place today. Two years ago we got our current glasses in Mexico, but based on that experience we decided to spend a little more money and have our eye exams done by an American Doctor. It is all how you feel about what is happening, and Dr. Smith left us both feeling as if what we had been been given, was the best eye care we could have asked for. It will take a week for our new glasses to come in, versus an hour in Mexico, but who's in a hurry anyway.

Photo of a happy girl, though earlier this morning when we went up to the mail pickup window she wasn't smiling. That was because there was a sign that said mail would not be available for pickup until 1 PM today. That woman sure does look forward to getting the mail, still suffering from her childhood memories of not being allowed to get the mail back then. This wasn't all of the mail either, as there was another box almost as big as all these put together, plus a bag of first class mail. I could envision happiness on her part over the next several days as she goes through it all.

It looks like Christmas came early this year, and while packages can bring all manner of things, the one constant was the huge smile on Linda's face as she opened them. To my, "That sure is a lot of packages" the response was, "And I ordered them all." The contents may not have been a surprise to Linda, but they were to me, especially this little iron. Linda is a woman who does not iron, or at least she never has up until now. In short order I was informed that it was to iron crafts, not clothes and never, never my clothes. The way it was said left no doubt the subject was forever closed. And with that, I'll end today's Daily Journal, while knowing exactly where I stand in the family pecking order.

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