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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Warm weather

What a beautiful day, and the beautiful woman in the photo only serves to make it more so, proving I truly am one lucky man. Canyon Vistas is a fairly large place, with around 600 sites, and Linda was anxious to know just what the distance around the perimeter of the park was. So before we left the coach to head out, she showed me she was wearing her pedometer. Some time later, after circumnavigating the place, it was determined we had walked one and an eighth miles. I suspect if we walked every street in the park it would be approaching two miles, though something tells me that an expedition such as that is unlikely to happen if Linda was to be part of it. Glad she has some common sense to make up for me.

We are in a little appendage of the park known as the short term area. There are 37 sites, five of which are occupied. We like this park because it is only 15 minutes or so to some major shopping, yet it is on the very outside edge of Phoenix metro area, plus it is Passport America park. We are planning on staying here through the weekend, since the PA rate is good for a week, then move to another park, likely in Apache Junction. Needless to say, we are really enjoying the warm Arizona weather.

In the afternoon we drove into Mesa for something that will give Linda as much pleasure as it will me. It was to get a checkup with Jeff at Zounds, and the result was that my hearing had deteriorated some more, so a reprogramming of my hearing aids was in order. I simply could not believe the difference when the reprogramming was complete. It is interesting how we don't notice a lose of hearing if it occurs slowly over a period of time, but make it sudden and we are very aware.

In late December 2008, when I first got my hearing aids after a lifetime of not being able to hear, I penned the following. I think it is just as appropriate today. Check Johnny Nash in year 1972 if the tune doesn't come to you.

I can hear clearly now, the pain is gone,
I can hear all the sounds comin' my way
Gone is the silence that led me astray
It's gonna be a loud, loud, loud, loud Wonderful day.
Yes, it will be a loud, loud, loud, loud Wonderful day.

Oh yes, I can hear it now, the pain is gone
And all the lost meanings have disappeared
Hearin' the low sounds I'd missed before
It's gonna be a loud loud, loud, loud, loud Wonderful day.

Hear all around, there's nothin' but real sounds
Even 'round my head, nothin' but real sounds.

I can hear clearly now, the pain is gone,
I can hear all the sounds comin' my way
Gone is the silence that led me astray
It's gonna be a loud, loud, loud, loud Wonderful day.
It's gonna be a real real, real real Wonderful day.
Oh yes, Today's a real, loud, loud, loud Wonderful day.

On the way back to the coach we stopped at the Bashas' grocery store just across Hwy 60 from the park for a few things, among them was salsa. Not just any salsa, but a salsa we could add to a dish that would be cooked down. Shouldn't be hard you think, but think again. Read the label on a jar of salsa and look at the sodium content, i.e. salt, and multiply the amount in two tablespoons by the number of tablespoons in the jar. When that puppy gets cooked down there are going to be cattle heading in from miles around to swipe their tongue on the salt lick you just created.

There were at least 30 different salsa's in this stretch of shelving, most of which had as much salt as a salt shaker. Fortunately Paul Newman came to the rescue as always, with natural ingredients, a low sodium content, and a reasonable price. I don't care whether it's made in New York City, Connecticut, Nigeria or who knows where, it is really good stuff. I always figure that if one salsa company bases their advertising on the fact another company's salsa is made in New York City, it must be because their salsa tastes so bad they can't claim it tastes better so they knock where their competitor is located. And you thought Life was as simple as just going to the store and picking up a jar of non-New York City salsa.

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