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Friday, December 9, 2011

A little fun

The weather has continued to not be the nicest, though it didn't get cold enough last night to unhook the water. That has meant most of our time has been spent inside the coach with the majority of outside time involving trips into Livingston to do some shopping. It's hard to believe the woman I married, the one who only went buying and never shopping, could in her dotage look at shopping as exercise. Who says you can't teach an old grizzly new tricks. Next thing you know I'll be calling her, Linda the frisky circus bear. In my dreams, in my dreams.

I think that Linda may have finally crossed one of life's great divides and is now truly living the Life we talk about. Note she is sweeping, but that was all that took place, except for just a minor bit of dusting. Today there was no making sure every last tiny nook was clean, not now, probably not ever again. Nor was everything picked up and put away, leaving every flat surface exposed and appearing to be unused. For years I have protested such cleanings, asking what is wrong with the way we live as fulltimers, isn't it the way virtually everyone else lives? I will admit to moving the furniture, though not nearly as much as she previously required, plus I did empty the trash. Not sure that classifies as a Good Bob, but if not it sure is close.

Unretouched photo showing what I meant about things not being perfect. Wait! Back up Bob. Photo of us having fun with George and Kelli, who we met at Betty's last week and who are now parked just a few spaces from us in Livingston. We had a great time visiting and enjoying each others company. It's amazing how blogs can bring perfect strangers who are not strangers at all, together as old friends.

Now, back to that first sentence in the above paragraph which was not referring to the three people in the photo. Focus on the pile of books by my computer, the ones I have been reading. Normally that would be a perfectly clean table except for my computer, keyboard and mouse when we would have visitors. The new and improved Linda didn't command that I should clean it up. I like that. On the other hand maybe she was just letting George and Kelli see what a slob I was. The mind of woman, the great unknown.

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