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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mostly on the Bus Today



This was a beautiful place and it easy see why Norwegians like to go to the country. It also turned out to be a very long day with many hours on the bus, and consequently this will be a briefer than usual post. Have to rest sometimes. Tired Bob.


Having been forewarned that today’s drive was going to be jammed packed with curves, curves, and more curves, these two curvy girls opted for the best seat in the bus. Smart Blondes.


We were truly blessed on this tour to have the best bus driver we have ever had. And I should add that all the drivers on our tours have been great. Lars loves his job, he is a major corporation top executive drop-out now enjoying his work, and he would begin each morning by singing to us. It truly is one of those you have to experience it to understand it situations


We saw glaciers.


Linda built the world’s smallest cairn. Or maybe I should say, she tried to build the world’s smallest cairn.


We ate our Norwegian sack lunch at the edge of a fjord.


Linda got to show off her windswept look.


This not an after dark photo. During the drive we rode through dozens of tunnels.


One of those tunnels is the world’s longest highway tunnel at over 26 kilometers. It is so long it has three rest areas in side it.


It was raining in Bergen, but that didn’t stop us from going out since because Bergen is the world’s rainiest city, if you don’t go out in the rain you don’t go out. It isn’t supposed to rain tomorrow, but we shall see. So here we are in the fish market at 9 o’clock waiting for our fresh fish meals to be cooked. Hungry Bob. Hungry Linda.


It was really good and as is the case in Norway, you are looking at a $50 dish. Time to head back to the ATM tomorrow before our next meal. Just remember: Life is not a dress rehearsal, don’t be afraid to love, laugh and retire early.

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