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Friday, August 29, 2014

High Above Boppard, Germany



The Rhine Valley town we are staying in, St. Goar, can be overrun with tourists in the afternoon. Early morning is an entirely different story. It was interesting watching the various businesses and restaurants getting ready for the day, setting up tables and putting merchandise outside.


One of the best things about being here, sitting on a bench watching the river traffic on the Rhine.


Even better is getting on one of the many boats that take passengers up and done the Rhine.


Of course there are things that can make the trip even more pleasant. In this case it was the cherry strudel Linda bought in town before we boarded the boat.


I noticed Linda was taking photos during the trip, so I didn’t take many as she takes better scenery photos than I do. That is if she takes scenery photos. At least you get a nice close-up of the water of the Rhine.


Obligatory Rhine Valley photo with castle.


Photo of beautiful young model with flowers.


Our destination was Boppard where we took the chairlift to the top.


My no hands, no feet photo.


Linda’s death grip photo with feet clamped to the footrest. And now that I look closely at the photo, is it possible she has bent the bar? Or is it just a distortion in the photo? It’s distortion in the photo. I think. I hope. Bob who will from now on be known as the - yes dear, and/or, what ever you say dear - man. Anything not to rile Linda now that I know what she is capable of. Concerned Bob.


I just know what Linda is going to say (read me the riot act about) what I wrote regarding the previous photo. To hopefully temper my punishment here is a photo of my beautiful, brave, young, attractive, daredevil wife taking a photo while riding the chairlift. Repentant Bob.


Meanwhile in the chair behind us, John and Judy were both showing off with the “look ma, no hands”, technique.


The great bend of the Rhine.


Stumps, all of them upside down. Maybe it is a stump cemetery?


Tonight’s wine tasting was at a winestube right next to our hotel in St. Goar. The wines were mainly local wines from the vines growing above St. Goar. There were five wines. There were five lousy wines. There are four visitors to St. Goar who will not be drinking the local wine.


Figuring nothing could be as bad as those wines we had just sampled, at a nearby restaurant I ordered the local specialty, stuffed pigs stomach, for dinner. I’ll just say that like the local wines, I won’t be having any more of the local special dish.


Linda also had a problem with her meal, overly salted green beans. She, however, knew just how to overcome the looming hunger pangs that would result from insufficient food intake – DESSERT. Smart and Satisfied Linda. And being the kind hearted loving wife she is, she let me have what she didn’t eat. Lucky Bob.

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