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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Tresco on the Isles of Scilly, Gardens and more - Aug 27, 2019

Oh no, not another food photo. Linda towards the end of the day always says that she only has so many steps that are and she's a bow reached her limit. I think I only have so much capacity to hold food and I've just about reached my limit. Big Bob.

To get to Tresco we had to transfer from the ship to shore via a tender.

Nice photo of our ship taken by Linda.

When we docked at Tresco it was at something more like a very long sloping boat launch ramp rather than a dock. As we later learned the tides here are up to 18 feet hence the design of the dock.

These islands are owned by Prince Charles and he and Diana and the boys came here often. That may not be Diana standing by the rustic sculpture, but she really is a princess.

An attempt at black and white photography.

There are vast gardens with plants from all over the world on the island. I'll just let our photos do the talking.

This one deserves a comment. While they are still researching it to be certain, there is a distinct possibility these plants came over on the Beagle, Charles Darwin's ship.

It was dangerous waters around these islands as can be attested by the collection of ships figurehead's salvaged from wrecks.

This is been a wonderful trip and we shall miss both the sites and our fellow passengers.

We had a bridge visit this afternoon and the captain took time to explain almost everything on the bridge and how the ship operates.

He commented how ships of changed as much as planes of changed with everything now being controlled by electronics. This is the autopilot and steering mechanism. One could use the wheel but the joystick is better.

Just as planes have a black box so do ships, the difference being the ship's black box is actually black.

Getting ready for the final evening meal of the cruise.

Sitting in the same area at mealtime, you get to know very well the waiters.

Capt. Ivo on the left and hotel manager Robert on the right. The ship is the MV Corinthian.

The head chef, who saw to it that I gained far too much weight, but oh was it ever good.

A triumphal entry for our last desert, take the Alaska.

A wonderful display by the cabin attendance. It's amazing what you can make from a towel.

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