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Friday, August 9, 2019

Loch Ness, Where Everyone Visiting Scotland Goes - Aug 8, 2019

One of Linda's small joys of overseas travel, hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Back home I fix breakfast every morning. She can order eggs anyway she wants. The only problem is that no matter what she orders they always come out scrambled.

Loch Ness selfie, something everybody does.

Nessie is out there somewhere, the question is where.

While it may not be Nessie, as I was scanning the shore I saw the less well-known Loch Ness Rock Monster.

Me bonnie Loch Ness Scottish lassie. And a real cutie she most definitely is. I just hope that isn't her war tarten she is displaying.

Attempt one, selfie of Linda and I.

Attempt two, selfie of Linda and I

Success on attempt three. A selfie of Linda and I

Most people who come to Loch Ness never see anything, or maybe it's everyone who comes to Loch Ness never sees anything. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't see Nessie, but who's to say that's not Nessie's wake

The Angus beef is awesome here in Scotland. I'm guessing it's because of the special black Angus hay they feed the cattle

One of the famous Highland coo's.

Can you guess what is?

Obviously, it is used to grind something

And now you know

Every waterfall seems to have a story with it. Whatever the story of this waterfall was, I've forgotten it between the time Gillian told the story and I'm writing this blog

Art photo by Linda

Linda always enjoys the names they have for items over here in the UK.

Highland games wanna be. There was no way I was going to arch my back and swing that around over my head.

Around the world natural vegetation is cut and shingled up to provide a water resistant roof. Up here in the Highlands they use Heather.

My Hercule Piorot imitation when it comes to eating.

Who would have ever thought, tonight Linda had the best wood fired pizza we have ever had in our life. As for me I had the haggis stuffed pork shoulder. I can also say it was the best haggis stuffed pork shoulder I've ever eaten in my life. I wonder if when I have my second haggis stuffed pork shoulder I'll still be able to say that.

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