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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Frankfurt to Edinburgh–Aug 2, 2019

This photo is what we saw just after breaking through the clouds, our first glimpse of Scotland. Actually it was pretty much our first glimpse of almost anything as the entire trip was above clouds.

That's not to say that the flight from Frankfurt to Edinburg was as easy as the airlines make it out to be. To get to our gate at the Frankfurt airport we had to descend many narrow steps, then take a shuttle bus to the section of terminal our gates were in. Then our flight to Edinburgh was delayed over an hour because of equipment problems, but that was not all. We were sitting at the gate waiting for our flight and I happened to notice there were very few people around us. That was definitely not a good sign. Then I noticed the board above the check-in counter it was saying our gate had been changed, we were at gate B 24 and the new gate was B 47. We set off on the long walk and as we got to the new gate it looked like everyone was crowded around the check-in counter. It turned out there was a problem with the aircraft, but eventually we all boarded. Then we sat and sat and sat. That can be good or bad depending upon how you look at it. We always look at it is good, meaning the pilot is not going to take off until the plane is going to stay in the air the entire trip and land safely.

The weather reports we saw before leaving on this trip said the weather in Edinburgh would be chilly and rainy. But upon landing in Edinburg it was obvious the forecasts were wrong.  Note the shadow of the wing in the photo.

Mob scene at the baggage claim area. Of course the monitor said the baggage for our flight would on carousel 8, after about 20 minutes the buzzer sounded and the lights flashed, and nothing happened. Eventually the buzzer sounded and the lights flashed on carousel 7 and as you can guess, eventually the baggage for our flight came in on that carousel. Why is it that one of our two bags comes off in the first minute or so and the second bag is always among the last to come off?

When you combine the Dyson blade hand dryer with an automatic water faucet, this is what it looks like. Hands under the faucet to wash, move them to the side and the dryer comes on automatically. And all the water that gets blown off your hands goes into the sink. Very cool!

There are number of ways to get from the airport to old town Edinburg. We decided the easiest way for us was to use the Airlink 100 bus as the stop was only a block and a half from the hotel we will be staying in.

We always take money home from our trips to the UK because we know will be returning again. For some reason this last time I had a lot of small coins. The fare for both of us was nine quid and I was able to use quite a few of those coins.

Once settled in our hotel we took a walk around the area. One of our stops was at a nearby Sainsbury's to get several of our favorite things, white chocolate cookies and oatmeal granola bars. It might sound silly but it's one of the things we really, really enjoy about being in the UK. I have to chuckle because Linda, who doesn't eat anything like this at home, always make sure she gets at least her fair share of both of them. Woe be unto me should I eat one more than she gets.

I'll end with a couple of photos we took to give a very brief and definitely not very broad picture of what Edinburg is like. I can however say that it certainly is nothing like Edinburg Texas, LOL.


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