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Saturday, August 31, 2019

A Henry the Eight Day - Aug 30, 2019

It's not every day that you get to go see a castle of a King made famous by the song by Herman's
Hermits. Confused Bob.

London is a city under construction.

The tide is out on the Thames.

Your gases to what it means is as good as mine.

Just a block from the entrance to Hampton Court, Castle are the homes of two famous persons. The top two are of Michael Faraday's residence, he of electrical fame. While the bottom is of the great architect, Christopher Wren.

Required selfie. Note to Bob, check aperture settings before taking photos. Bungling Bob.

Count yourself lucky, my count I took 24 photos of chimneys today but will only subject you to these three. It was fascinating noting how many different designs there were to the chimneys. It's not everyone's cup of tea but it's mine and it's my blog. Bad Bob.

Docent in character inside the castle. They are who they portray and they are not allowed to break character which can make for some fascinating conversations.

One of the eight wives of Henry. Interestingly when he disposed of them by whatever means he chose, all traces of them were wiped from the castle.

The King himself.

Family portrait.

Modern rendition of King and Queen. As noted before, Henry wore the pants in his family, while in this family I know my place. Subservient Bob.

Linda laughed at the spelling of wine on the barrel. It is one of the neat things about the castle as they have tried to show it as it was during the time of Henry and many of the items carry the spelling of that time.

One of those, I just like this photo, photos.

The castle itself and the grounds are enormous and are well worth the trip to see them. The best part is that unlike the masses of people at the better-known castles, here you can actually see things rather than just other people.

The photos tell it all. It's 250 years old and the grape variety is Black Hamburg which is a sweet table grape. If you look closely at the photo you will see dozens of clusters hanging from it. Unfortunately because it is housed in a glassed end area, it is impossible to take a photo of all of it.

Walking through the dahlia garden Linda spied this variety, one we'd never seen before.

Scenes of London.

But we do see a few tab tops, they are few and far between. This is the sum total of today's collection.

Linda with her favorite rosemary gin and tonic. Happy wife, happy life, happy Bob.

An around the world yacht race. They are actually moored outside our fifth story hotel room which you can see in the background. They're going to be open for the public tomorrow so when we return from our outing, assuming were not too tired, will take a look. It's why we don't like to make a great deal of plans, but take things as they are when we travel. There are people in the group that seem to have every minute preplanned and rush for one thing to another. That is definitely not our style.

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