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Friday, August 30, 2019

A London Walkabout - Aug 29, 2019

The view from our hotel room. This is what is known as St. Katherine's Dock, and while it's greatly changed today, at one time it is where clipper ships docked with their cargoes to be offloaded into warehouses.

I titled this a London walkabout, and we did really do a lot of walking, but to get there we first had to take the tube.

Our guide, Tony, is from the east end of London, a real cockney, so that was where we were heading for our walkabout and it is obviously an area that the trains are not full heading towards.

Back in the day this was the rough-and-tumble area of London and this police call post is a remnant of those days.

So why am I posting a photo of a police station? Well it was on the same site that the first put the station ever in the world was built.

I had the slip those chimney pot photos in somewhere, so this look like the place. The contrail in the first photo is an added bonus. Boastful Bob.

Tony giving us run down of some of the things that went on in this area during the old days. Interestingly enough some of the old days actually included his childhood.

We call them tenements or projects, here they are estates in this was where Tony grew up. Today it has been much more civilized.

Located nearby was something that changed the sides of buildings in this area of London. Someone can take a spray can and what results is vandalism, or it could be what we call graffiti but Ben Eine and others created art. But as you can see from the first photo the vandals and graffiti artists will the face anything.

That is not blood on the front of Linda's top, but this little narrow aisle he was filled with the at one time because this was where a number of Jack the Ripper's victims were found.

The name of a barbershop near where Jack the Ripper did his ripping.

Another of those, you never know what you're going to find when you download and is photos.

Enjoying a crêpe at Spittlefields market. We had never visited here and supposedly it was excellent market, but will take the unbelievable crowds it unbelievable amount of things to discover at the Portobello Road market.

The big smile is for the fact that if you look at her hand you can see it through the dress. And not only would you see her hand you would see everything else. And no, miss modesty did not buy one. Disappointed Bob.

This shop didn't just have a sign, the whole storefront was the sign.

I joked with Linda that every year we come here she goes over and stands by Caesar, while I take her photo. I'm still not sure why grabbed a hold of his hand for the photo other than the fact that it was highly polished so lots of other people had. Perplexed Bob.

London is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

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