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Monday, August 26, 2019

A Day in Dublin - Aug 25, 2019

The day's itinerary for Dublin. I can easily sum up both of our opinions on Dublin, if the trip had skipped that we wouldn't have missed anything.

As you can see we were definitely close to town where we docked.

Linda likes doors. The fact that the only magnet she bought of Dublin was one that had photos of doors on it says it all.

So how do you spell taxi in Ireland?

Not many people out and about early on Sunday morning.

Interesting poster next to bus stop.

Too bad Linda isn't in to collecting bottle tops because there are hundreds and hundreds available in the streets but when it comes to tab tops, this one is the only one she found all day long.

Interesting architecture along the waterfront.

I thought I had absolutely no connection to Ireland. How wrong I was. Little did I know I was famous in the Temple bar area of Dublin. Bad Bob

It is a dual language country and our guide mentioned that there is a higher percentage of young people that speak Irish rather than English compared to the older generations. It has to do with the fact that oftentimes classes are taught in Irish in the schools.

The bottom photo is of the famous famine sculpture and isn't far from where our boat is moored.

The workshop of the famous Irish painter, Francis Bacon, has been preserved. After looking at his paintings the disorderliness of his workshop reflects what is in his paintings.

Statue of Oscar Wilde. The interesting part of it is that the statue is all natural stone. Different types of stone were used to give the different colors that you see.

Several quotes from Wilde. The man had a way with words.

Our noon meal had all 90 of us in an old Irish pub.

We stood and looked at this for the longest time. Obviously, both of us failed the intelligence test.

What are the odds, directly across the street from where the ship is more to is the European headquarters of one of the companies active in our favorite hobby.

Clear weather tonight and tomorrow according to the captain as we will be in Wales.

Not difficult to guess the theme of the evening meal.

Everything you see here is a vegetable.

After dinner tonight we could go into the kitchen and talk with the chefs in their stations. It was a blast.

Linda said this tile was folded into the shape of lobster. I bowed to her opinion.

Entertainment tonight was a display of Irish dancing. They not only performed dances, they also explained exactly how they were done and what the history of them was. I will spare you the videos I took. Nice Bob.

Just like hell the dancers were out of press and needed a rest after their stint of dancing, Linda and I are both running down a little bit from the seemingly every minute crammed with something to do trip, hence a post of very few words today.

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