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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Touching the Tip of Wales - Aug 26, 2019

It's the old good and bad thing about being on board ship. Too much good food. This was my attempt at cutting down for breakfast. It all went out the window when it came to dinner as you will see later. Stuffed Bob.

Just like in Scotland it's either raining or about to be raining. For some reason or other we had that exceptional day-to-day when it didn't rain, but we still got to see the beauty of the Wales countryside.

Linda quickly commented that this was her kind of place.

St. David's Cathedral makes Saint David the town, the smallest city in the UK. To be classified as a city in the UK you have to have a cathedral. We had a great local guide and learned so many interesting facts about the cathedral. For example the point where standing to the far far distance against the back wall the floor drops 14 feet. It turns out they built the original cathedral on the top of the hill and the rest of it was built down the slope.

It's easy to take photos of the walls etc., so I thought I'd post pictures of the ceilings. Inventive Bob.

The little buttons at the bottom of the carvings are actual faces.

Pipe organ at the Cathedral for those that are into.r

It wasn't a big day for chimney pots but at least it's a colorful photo.

Another of those, I never know what I'll find when I download pictures off a Linda's camera.

After all the browns of South Texas the greens of the British Isles always have us marveling at their beauty.

One of the most enjoyable things for the OAT trips we take are the home hosted meals. This couple had lived in England retired and moved Wales.

Their home was a former ship's officers house and the views out towards the harbor were spectacular.

It's not that I'm in deep thought it's that I'm trying to keep from falling asleep. Bad Bob

After lunch, while the men discussed politics, the women toured the gardens. I won't say anything about the men's discussion other than there was unanimous consent regarding a certain world leader, and that included our British/Welsh host.

It seems like everywhere we look one can find beauty.

Captains report about tomorrow. The weather will be outstanding once again as we visit the Isles of Scilly.

Remember breakfast where I economized on the amount of food. Well this is dinner where the main course was three lamb chops and my dessert was three more lamb chops. The chef was definitely pleased I liked his lamb chops to that extent. Fat Bob.

The after dinner entertainment tonight was, how can I best sum it up, fantastic silliness. The crew put on a number of sketches that literally had us almost falling out of our chair with laughter. Life is Good.

Another day where there's not much time to write so you get mostly photos which I suspect makes most readers happy. Just call me, Bob, the man of few words.

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