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Friday, August 23, 2019

Returning to Oban for Something Different - Aug 22, 2019

On our five-day Highland trip we took a couple weeks ago Oban was the only overnight stop we had where it didn't rain. It looks like the weather is repeating itself as we disembark this morning, though lower temperatures and strong winds are in the forecast.

The sign says what the town is proclaimed to be and are city guide included that in about every third sentence, mentioning this seafood restaurant or that seafood restaurant as we proceed along.

That's our city guide on the left and was she ever a live wire. The stick was not just a stick it was a shepherd's crook and she was as country as was possible to be. It made for a fantastic walk around town.

Some days you just have to take what you can get when it comes to chimney pots.

I had to chuckle that her comment that the open and lighthouse may not be big and mighty like others but it's mighty important.

This one is for Linda's and I. It's the hotel we stayed in the last time we were here and it was at a table looking out those big windows just above the cars where Linda had her ultimate comfort meal, a plate of lobster Mac and cheese.

What an awesome photo, chimney pots extending out of sight. It doesn't get better than this. Delusional Bob.

Interesting use of the word.

An experiment. Top photo has the ship somewhat centered vertically between water and sky, while the bottom photo has more sky. I think it has something to do with composition which I am working to hopefully improve. Confused Bob.

And just when I was about to cry in my milk over the lack of an excellent chimney pot picture for the day, I find this on Linda's camera. What a woman. Lucky Bob.

Oh No!!!! Another one, I shall be worshiping at her feet for weeks. Beholden Bob.

The forecast was right, cold and windy.

It was the day of their Highland Games. We watched the beginning of the band led procession up to the games site but didn't follow and go to the games since we'd already experienced that on the Isle of Skye a couple of weeks ago.

It's possible there was another reason we didn't go to the games as the above photos might imply. And to sum it up, a couple of drops of water into your whisky can make all the difference. No more couple of cubes, or a splash of water for me ever again.

Photo by Linda, she is still fascinated by these ventilator and exhaust structures. I guess that makes me - Lucky Bob.

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