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Friday, August 16, 2019

A Da Vinci Code Outing - Aug 15, 2019

Linda has been searching for the perfect breakfast, or maybe I should say a breakfast that she likes here at this hotel. She's finally found it, poached eggs over guacamole on thick real bread toast. Happy Linda.

We're going on an impromptu outing today for those that didn't want to spend the day and Edinburgh on their own. For us, we been in Edinburgh on her own for so many days that a trip out of town is welcome.

Every time we pass one of these, we are reminded of what Gilly would say during our five-day tour last week. "There's one of those places that people are just dying to get in."

Our destination for the day, Rosslyn Chapel, which was featured in the Da Vinci Code movie.

A demonstration of the different types of arrows that were used with the Longbow. Each arrowhead served a different purpose, some to piece, some to maim and some to inflict intense pain. The things we never knew, but that's why we travel.

The different colored stones in the exterior of the building come from a nearby quarry.

One of the reasons the chapel was featured in the movie was because it remains relatively unchanged from the mid-1400s. The photos that follow are of the outside of the chapel because photography is not permitted on the inside.

This statue is from the baptistery which was added hundreds of years later as can be seen by the difference in the stone at the right edge.

Gargoyles, Linda always likes gargoyles. Linda always takes photos of gargoyles. Smart Bob for posting Linda's photos of gargoyles.

One of those what is it photos obviously there is some kind of image in this carving. See below for the answer

The above is from the brochure for the chapel. Linda had a wonderful time looking at the many different mysterious images around both the outside and the inside of the chapel, and trying to find where the images were from. I was amazed that she got almost every one of them. They were really difficult to see many of the times, but her sharp by always seem to identify the. Awesome Linda.

Speaking of awesome Linda, back in Edinburgh, we stopped in to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Checking the menu we discovered that two liters of margaritas cost the same as having two glasses. Certain things can be referred to as "no-brainers", and this was one of them. Life is short, enjoy it to its fullest.

No photos of the meal we enjoyed but let's just say that it was the perfect way to finish the day. And in case you're wondering we finished off all the margaritas, the nacho plate, my fish taco steak taco and Linda's steak taco. Just remember you will never arrive at "some day isle", so do it now. It's what we do, because we can.

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