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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our Final Tour day


Why is it that the elevators in some hotels prove to be such a challenge. Linda has no problems, but I sure do. We are on the 21st floor, breakfast is on the 17th floor. So why is it when I got on the elevator on the 17th floor yesterday morning after eating breakfast I went to the 22nd floor then to the lobby and finally to the 21st floor. Lost Bob.


Two nights ago all 14 of us crammed into this elevator. It would go down a few floors, the door would open a few inches and close, then it would go up a few floors and repeat the same thing. Finally on one of the stops someone pried open the door, and even though the elevator was several inches below the level of the floor we all piled out. From then on, as the photo shows,  only half the group ever got on an elevator at the same time. Could it be I am elevator jinxed?


Sign down by the harbor. I really like what it says. Someday Isle isn’t on our list of places to go.


Want to jump in the harbor, here is the place to do it.


No belly flops allowed.


Some things defy being described. This is one of them.


And just when you didn’t think it could get any worse a video of those same people shows up.


Linda back to normal. A 100% merino wool sweater for each of us.


She hardly ever takes any photos me, but when she does…. She said it was a photo of me dozing off. I prefer to think of it as a photo of me contemplating my joey.


It was time to say goodbye to new friends.




The latest in fashionable women’s shoes.


And not to leave out the men.


I’ll sign off  with a photo of Colleen showing of the latest windblown Wellington hair style look, and words: “A fabulous time was had by all.”

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