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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It Rained Cats And Dogs Today


Linda , I and one other person on the tour had signed up for an optional helicopter flight over Fox Glacier this morning. Sadly, on Sunday morning a flight from the same company crashed on the glacier, killing all seven people on board. Even though all flights have been canceled for this week, and the weather this morning made flying impossible, we had already decided upon hearing the news that we would cancel our plans. The weather over the glacier has been so bad they still haven’t been able to recover all the victims. Our heart goes out to their loved ones.


The blue thing in the photo is my waterlogged wife as seen from the window of the bus. I don’t remember how much rain they said falls down here every year, but up on the glacier over 150 feet of very wet snow falls every year.


Another stop. this time it wasn’t raining as hard.


At other times it really rained.


As close as we came to seeing the glacier.


What might have seen from the helicopter given good weather.


I learned this one had an automatic rinse system, it coming on a few moments later at a most inopportune time for me.


It didn’t rain all the time, just most of the time.


Plants grow everywhere in a rainforest.


Moss, magnified.


The possums here are not the same as the possums in the states.


The first box wines we have seen. And no, we didn’t buy a box. Price: $27.50 NZ for 3 liters.


Seen on the floor of a pub.


Also seen on the floor of a pub.


Linda knows the kinds of buildings to go into to get out of the rain. I’m happy to report no possum fur was bought during her visit. Though I did hear someone muttering several times, “I’d buy it if I just had room in my luggage for it.”


Then there was this. A very long one lane bridge with railroad tracks. There were some awesome views off to the side, so why was it that everyone was only looking ahead? A thus ended another rainy day in New Zealand.

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