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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Rainy Rainforest Day


Our tour group waiting for the bus. If you look closely you may see what She Who Orders Me Around (Swoma, aka Linda) might possibly refer to as a “butt shot”. By my way of thinking only photos of a certain part of her personal anatomy fall under that category. Since she is nowhere to be seen in this photo, I’ll call it a “non-butt shot”. Optimistic Bob.


What a grand and glorious morning. Photo courtesy of Linda.


Everyone knows what a bungee jump is. This bridge is the site of the world’s first ever bungee jump.


It wasn’t open when we were there, but Linda doesn’t look any to eager to take a leap of the bridge even if it were open.


Definitely the most aptly named bars ever.


Now just why was Linda so attracted to this clematis? When it came to growing them she always had a definite brown thumb.

The New Zealand wines we have been drinking have all been excellent. There is nothing like a wine tasting to discover even more good wines.


As we headed to the southern alps, Linda was prepared for the weather. The cool weather that is. Later we would enter another rain forest, but here the weather was stunning.


Down the road when we stopped for some “happy snaps” I messed around with different camera settings. I don’t remember what this one was called but I like the results.


At this café they had a rather inventive way of labeling the restrooms.


What can I say, they come in multiple designs.


How can you tell we are back in a rain forest?


How very true.


Driving through the rain forest we saw one great view after another through the windows of the bus.


After dark we took a walk into the rainforest to see the famous glow worms.


No they are not like snipes. The thread like things are actual glow worms. Here they are illuminated by an led light.


They use bio-luminescence to attract very small insects which become stuck to the sticky threads. Each thread is a worm, and only the threads that are hungry glow, and then only on one segment. Nature at her best.

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