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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another Travel Day


What do you do in an earthquake. You see flyers like this posted often, this one happened to be at the Rotarua airport. And since earthquakes happen all over New Zealand , some 12,000 a year, you can’t get away from the possibility of feeling one. Even Linda, the quintessential earthquake detector hasn’t recorded one yet.


Air New Zealand is a real airline. If this was Qantas our bags would not be covered and would be soaking wet on arrival which was what happened on one of the flights we had. It was so bad people started wrapping everything in a big plastic bag inside their luggage. Qantas – great food, lousy baggage handling.


Another one of those “interesting” Linda photos.


A matched pair!


We made a stop at an old gold mining town where we toured the remains of the Chinese section. Not much still stands, though this outhouse  still looked quite substantial. Could this have been Rodin's inspiration for The Thinker?


The town reminded us of the Hwy 49 old gold rush towns in Jackson and Amador counties which was near where we used to live in California.


Linda was well prepared for the day’s next outing, a walk down the hill from our hotel into Queenstown. At the top of the hill ever bit of clothing she was wearing was necessary. Once she reached the bottom of the hill she started doing a pretty good imitation of a stripper.


A gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains, it reminded us of Switzerland. I’ll end this post with a question. can you guess which way the wind was blowing and how strongly? Now you can see why Ms. Eskimo was dressed the way she was.

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