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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Long Day of Travel

I have fallen far behind in both writing and posting. No time to write and terrible slow internet connections are the reason. Okay, so maybe I have time on occasion to write, but we are simply enjoying our time here far too much to take out time to write. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. Awestruck Australian Bob.


I could start my day like this every day. Come to think of it, we have for the past three days.


Another reason for not writing. If Linda would pack my bag like she does hers then I would have more time to write. Dreamer Bob.


Linda always asks me if I saw our bags loaded and I always show here the photo I took. It is obvious from the size of our bags on the far left that we didn’t pack like the rest of the group, but then they are only traveling for a month while we are traveling for nearly three months. Has it Backwards Bob.


The road from Port Douglas to Cairns follows the shoreline up and down while twisting all around. The seat back in front of us had a handhold. I didn’t get to us mine.


A stop for a view of the shore. Assuming we will get back to Australia we will definitely be coming back to Queensland.

Waiting for our flight to Sydney Linda found a way to pass the time. At least she didn’t run her charge over the limit. Poorer Bob.


Sydney at last. Barely moving traffic and rain. I can tell we are really going to “enjoy” being here.


Our first Sydney meal, fantastic salmon and terrible stringy green beans. Maybe that is what Sydney is all about. Time will tell.

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